10 Major U.S. Cities Where Home Prices Are Finally Starting to Slow Down

If it seems like home prices are out of control no matter where you look, there may be a silver lining. Real estate research organization, Trulia identified several markets where home prices are not only low, they are actually falling.

The firm analyzed median list price, including price per square foot, home value and home value per square foot from March 2017 to March 2018. While some median list prices were much lower, values were on the rise. Or the market saw no difference year-over-year. Which markets have some of the lower prices that may offer some price stability? While the countdown list is based on median price, living in the city on page 1 might surprise you.

1. Honolulu, Hawaii

Honolulu, Hawaii

Home prices in Honolulu are high, but have stabilized. | Sorincolac/iStock/Getty Images

  • Median list price: $630,000
  • 1-year price change: 1.4%

While home prices in Honolulu are the most expensive on Trulia’s list, prices have stabilized. The city ranked number 35 as one of the best places to live and 24 as one of the best places to retire, according to US News and World Report. Unemployment rates are low, at about 2.4% and the average annual salary is $51,080. What brings most people to Honolulu? The area’s breathtaking scenery, diverse cultures, and tropical climate are hard to resist.

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2. Denver, Colorado

Turbulent weather produced a spectacular sunset over the skyline of the Denver downtown as seen from the stadium as the Milwaukee Brewers face the Colorado Rockies at Coors Field on July 14, 2011 in Denver, Colorado. (Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images)

Homes prices in Denver are high, but so are salaries. | Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

  • Median list price: $453,990
  • 1-year price change: 0.9%

Although home values are up, people living in Denver are paid better and have stronger job opportunities, Trulia found. Also, Denver scored extremely high as being one of the best places to live in the country, at number three, according to US News and World Report. The median age trends young, as the city attracts people in their mid-thirties. Plus the city recently experienced a huge population boom too–apparently, everyone is in love with Denver.

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3. Sacramento, California

Sacramento, California

Unlike some cities in California, Sacramento home prices are relativly stable. | SpVVK/Getty Images

  • Median list price: $429,000
  • 1-year price change: none

One aspect that makes Sacramento so attractive is its accessibility to destinations like San Francisco and Lake Tahoe, according to US News and World Report. Plus home prices haven’t changed in the last year, which means buyers have a chance to catch their breath. And while prices haven’t changed, values increased, according to Trulia, which makes buying a pretty good deal. The unemployment rate is a little higher at 4.6%, but wages are pretty decent, averaging about $54,690 annually.

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4. Dallas, Texas

Dallas, Texas cityscape with blue sky

The Dallas area is experiencing a population boom. | f11photo/iStock/Getty Images

  • Median list price: $356,999
  • 1-year price change: 0.5%

Although your mortgage won’t be “Texas-sized” your opportunities are, according to Trulia. The market experienced a recent building boom, which created jobs and a strong economy. The Dallas-Ft. Worth area ranked high for both being a great place to live and retire too, according to US News and World Report. As a result, the area is experiencing quite a population boom as more young professionals flock to Dallas.

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5. Austin, Texas

Austin Texas Reflections Lady Bird Lake

Austin home prices actually fell last year. | Roschetzky/iStock/Getty Images

  • Median list price: $336,995
  • 1-year price change: -3.4%

Another affordable and up-and-coming city is Austin, Trulia found. Jobs are growing far faster in Austin than the national average and the unemployment rate is low. The reason why Austin ranks as the second largest housing market is due to the huge jump in building permits last year. The city issued a whopping 79.5% more building permits than what it typically approves.

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6. Sarasota, Florida

Sarasota, Florida, USA downtown skyline on the bay.

Sarasota home prices are stable. | Sean Pavone/Getty Images

  • Median list price: $332,245
  • 1-year price change: 0.7%

Ranked as the top place to retire by US News and World Report, Sarasota also offers a pretty stable housing market too. Prices barely budged since last year, according to Trulia. But values are up, which makes homes in the area a good investment. Also, for those looking for a job, unemployment rates are relatively low too.

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7. Houston, Texas

Houston, Texas, USA

The Houston market is in transition. | Sean Pavone/iStock/Getty Images

  • Median list price: $299,520
  • 1-year price change: 0.4%

Hurricane Harvey left destruction and flooding in its wake, which put the city in rebuilding mode, Trulia reports. As a result, the city issued the second most building permits in the country last year. And while home prices are low and prices haven’t increased much, Trulia notes this market is in transition. Residents are still displaced from the hurricane, plus rebuilding efforts are still underway.

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8. San Antonio, Texas

San Antonio, Texas, USA downtown skyline.

Home prices in San Antonio are dropping. | Sean Pavone/Getty Images

  • Median list price: $269,499
  • 1-year price change: -5.4%

Although San Antonio’s home prices dropped, values increased 9.4% in the last year, Trulia reports. Values are 1.4% higher in San Antonio than the national average. What’s happening in San Antonio? Trulia researchers wonder if less pricey homes just recently went on sale or that wages increased as job growth was on fire.

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9. Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Median home prices are low in Milwaukee. | Sean Pavone/Getty Images

  • Median list price: $229,900
  • 1-year price change: none

If you are looking for some consistency, move to Milwaukee. There’s been no pricing change in a year, plus median list prices are low, Trulia reports. The area is also a great place if you are looking for a job. Unemployment rates are at 3.2%. While wages increased by 6.7%.

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10. Camden, New Jersey

Philadelphia seen from Camden New Jersey

Camden home prices haven’t budged in the last year. | Allard1/Getty Images

  • Median list price: $174,900
  • 1-year price change: none

Camden, New Jersey may have an unchanged market with low median list prices, but the city has challenges, according to Trulia. While the market is considered to be stable, growth in other areas are not booming. Home values are barely up. Also, unemployment rates are higher than the national average. Unemployment numbers did dip slightly by 0.06%.

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