11 Large Cap Stocks Drop to 52-Week Lows for Dow Jones Drives Up

Here are 11 stocks that hit 52-week lows in today’s trading. Note that this list excludes all stocks with a market capitalization less than $50 million:

  1. American River Bankshares (NASDAQ:AMRB): Down 3.46% to $5.02. American River Bankshares is a financial services company. The Company, through its subsidiary American River Bank, provides banking services, loans, and investment products to individuals and businesses.
  2. China Ceramics Co., Ltd. (NASDAQ:CCCL): Up 2.43% to $3.79. China Ceramics Co Ltd manufactures ceramic tiles used for exterior siding and for interior flooring and design in residential and commercial buildings.
  3. The Chefs’ Warehouse, Inc. (CHEF): Up 1.29% to $14.09.
  4. Cninsure Inc. (NASDAQ:CISG): Down 10.59% to $10.38. CNinsure, Inc. operates an independent insurance agency and brokerage company. The Company provides insurance-related services, such as claim assessments and 24-hour emergency services, but do not assume underwritting risks. CNinsure, instead, distributes to their customers in China, insurance products underwritten by domestic and foriegn insurance companies operating in China.
  5. China Valves Technology, Inc. (NASDAQ:CVVT): Down 2.17% to $2.25. China Valves Technology, Inc., through its subsidiaries, develops, manufactures, and markets metal valves for electricity, petroleum, chemical, water, gas, and metal industries.
  6. Ellington Financial LLC (NYSE:EFC): Down 0.39% to $17.71. Ellington Financial LLC acquires and manages mortgage-related assets. The Company seeks to provide risk-adjusted total returns. Ellington invests in residential mortgage-backed securities backed by prime jumbo, Alt-A and sub-prime residential mortgage loans; mortgage related securities; and derivatives on corporate debt and equity securities.
  7. Guaranty Bancorp (NASDAQ:GBNK): Up 1.94% to $1.05. Guaranty Bancorp is a bank holding company owning or controlling one or more banks. The Banks offer a broad range of lending, depository, and financial services to commercial, industrial, and residential customers.
  8. Gyrodyne Co. of America Inc. (NASDAQ:GYRO): Down 5.1% to $56.00. Gyrodyne Company of America, Inc. leases industrial and commercial real estate to diversified entities. The Company manages its real estate operations and is an investor in other various real estate properties.
  9. Natuzzi SpA (NYSE:NTZ): Up 0.73% to $2.77. Natuzzi S.p.A., designs and manufactures furniture. The Company’s products include sofas, tables. Lamps, rugs, dining tables and chairs, wall unites, and accessories. Natuzzi offers its products worldwide.
  10. NuPathe, Inc. (NASDAQ:PATH): Down 34.57% to $2.65. NuPathe Inc. develops pharmaceutical products used for the treatment and management of neurological and psychiatric diseases. The Company offers various medicines for migraines, Parkinson’s, schizophrenia, and other cognitive disorders.
  11. Syswin Inc. (NYSE:SYSW): Up 7.66% to $2.25. Syswin, Inc. provides real estate sales agency services to property developers relating to new residential properties. The Company also offers project consulting to developers, and primary land development consulting and agency services to primary land developers.

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