Surprising Ways to Get Your Money Back From the U.S. Government

Imagine a pile of money sitting on your front stoop waiting for you to pick it up. But instead of collecting it, you hurry past the mound of cash every morning in a rush to get on with your day.

When you don’t claim money owed to you by the government, you essentially do the same thing. Each year, billions of dollars worth of cash and benefits sit stagnant, waiting for someone to declare ownership. Read on for some easy ways to get free money from the government. One simple move could save you hundreds (page 9).

1. Put beat-up currency on the mend

damaged money

A specialist examines damaged currency to determine its value. | U.S. Bureau of Engraving and Printing

Did your preschool-aged nephew decide to use a crisp $50 bill as an art project? All is not lost. Take your burned, water damaged, or cut up currency to the Bureau of Engraving and Printing to have it replaced. As long as more than half the bill is legible, you can get a brand new one in its place. File a claim and get your shiny new currency at

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