15 Favorite 1980s Toys That Could Be Worth a Fortune

If you were a child of the 1980s or if you know someone who was, you probably are familiar with some pretty legendary toys from back then. Some of these toys may now be considered collectibles and could fetch a pretty penny. If you held onto any of your 1980s toys, read on. You may find you have a goldmine right under your nose — one popular toy now sells for $2,500. If you didn’t save your toys, don’t feel bad. Most of us didn’t. You can still take a look at these nostalgic gems and enjoy the walk down memory lane.

1. Easy Bake Oven

  • Price on eBay: $50

Many a kid in the 1980s made it their life’s mission to get their hands on an Easy-Bake oven. The original toy used an incandescent light bulb as a heat source. The commercial made the little frosted cakes look downright easy and delicious to boot. A much-upgraded Easy-Bake version is sold today, called the Ultimate Oven Baking Star Edition, but if you want the good-old-fashioned version back from 1983, you can pick it up through eBay for $50.

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