15 Favorite Stores We Wish Would Come Back From the Dead

Stores come and go, but there are some stores you never forget. These retailers bring back fond memories from childhood and just hearing the store’s name causes you to reminisce about happy times spent with family and friends. You might see an old product or commercial that makes those warm memories come flooding back.

Here are 15 favorite stores we wish would come back from the dead.

1. Fayva shoe stores

Fayva shoes

Fayva shoes was the place to go for the whole family until it shut down in the 90s. | classicretailads via Youtube

The tagline for Fayva shoe stores was “you’ll go far in Fayvas.” Their shoes might have been sturdy, but the store didn’t go very far. Fayva was a favorite among parents looking for inexpensive shoes for the family. If you had a big day at school or a holiday event, chances are, Fayva was the place your parents went to purchase shoes. Morse Shoe Inc., which operated Fayva, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in 1991.

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