15 Frugal Habits You Need in Your Life

Frugal living used to be practiced from necessity. Now? Frugality is almost trendy as more and more people embrace a less wasteful, more mindful existence.

Living frugally doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice everything you love, however. Truly wealthy people often embrace frugality while also enjoying the finest things in life. These things don’t have to be mutually exclusive.

Looking to be more frugal in your daily life? Ahead, find some easy frugal tips anyone can copy.

1. Use everything until it dies

Woman driving a car on a rural road through the mountains

Driving | iStock.com/ BrianAJackson

Have you ever seen someone with a six-figure salary driving a beat-up Toyota Camry? There’s a reason for that.

People who practice frugality as they build wealth know that using an item to its full potential is crucial. That’s why spending a little more on a high-quality item is usually cheaper in the long run. Whether it’s a car, a cup, or a couch, using things until they wear out is an important part of being frugal.

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