The 15 Things Rich Kids Have in Common and 1 That Will Surprise You

How does the other half live? Thanks to social media, we can all vicariously enjoy the insanely lavish lifestyles of the rich and famous. The #richkidsofinstagram hashtag spawned the Rich Kids of the Internet site and a lot of media attention for the younger upper echelon. With the tagline “they have more money than you and this is what they do,” the photos inspire equal parts jealousy and eye-rolls. But the one important thing these rich kids have in common might surprise you (page 16).

1. They bring a new meaning to ‘pimp my ride’

Lamborghinis driving down road full of people

No wonder everyone is staring. | Rich Kids of Instagram via Instagram

If you like cars, you will love following these kids on social media. Some of them have barely learned how to drive and they still have better rides than you. We can’t even afford to think about the car payments, so we’ll settle for the eye candy.

Next: Speaking of transportation, their vacations look a little different than yours, too.

2. They travel in style when on vacation

Private yacht

There’s truth to those rumors. | Marcus B Official via Instagram

When some of us think “wealth,” we see visions of yachts dancing in our heads. Turns out, there’s a reason for that. Some of the giant boats the other half travel on make Carnival cruisers look tiny. Next time you take a cruise, imagine having the whole place to yourself.

Next: Their parties also reach a totally new level.

3. Rich kids don’t drink just any old beverages

Rich kids holding champagne

Champagne is their drink of choice. | Roxie Conrad Gaut via Instagram

If you spend much time on a lot of the rich kids of the internets’ social media feeds, you will likely see bottles. Lots of bottles. While these extra-large gold behemoths seem a little out of control, you will probably recognize the names on a lot of them. And if you take out a second mortgage, you too can drink like they do.

Next: Some of their outfits can look like a little much.

4. Most of us only see these clothes in Vogue

Rich kid versace resort

The prices are insane. | Bryan Official via Instagram

When most of us see “price upon request” in our favorite fashion magazines, we assume that means we can’t afford it. Not these Insta-stars. Names like Gucci, Versace, and Dolce and Gabbana appear in their closets with the same frequency as H&M and Target do in ours. Just remember: You can buy fashion, but not style.

Next: Their idea of a little shopping trip might require a bigger trunk.

5. Back-to-school shopping takes on a whole new meaning

Rich kid fendi

They need people to drive that all home. | Bryan Official via Instagram

When keeping up with the Joneses means the likes of Trumps and Kennedys, your clothing budget lives on a whole other plane of existence. Some of us can only dream of shopping sprees that the children of our world’s richest take for granted. How do they fit all of these bags in their Lamborghini?

Next: They probably don’t worry about TSA pre-check either.

6. The richest among us never get caught in security lines

Rich kid jet

They get free range of the private jet. | Prince Charles Of San Marino via Instagram

If you think Global Entry feels like the lap of luxury, check out this guy’s ride. While some politicians have come under fire recently for flying private, hopping the family jet comes as a way of life for a lot of rich kids. Forget long lines, taking off your shoes, and packing your liquids in 3-ounce containers. The other half worries about none of that.

Next: They do have one thing in common with us plebeians.

7. They love posing their pets in silly stances, too

Rich kid cat with money

Only their pets pose with thousands of dollars. | Tomer via Instagram

Whether you have a dog, a cat, or a lizard, you probably love taking pictures of man’s best friend. Rich kids do, too. While most of us can’t pose our cat with stacks of Benjamins, this fluffy friend does not look too amused. We hope the cat won’t really drink that champagne.

Next: Sometimes, they really like to flaunt it.

8. Some kids have lots of money, but not a ton of tact

Rich kid money

Classy move … | Tomer via Instagram

Even those of us without two nickels to rub together have to learn how to act with tact and humility. Some parents teach their kids that virtue. Others, not so much. When you have this much money, you can sometimes act that much more tactless on your social media feeds.

Next: Even their bathrooms outshine the rest of your house.

9. Many of them love glitz and glamour

Rich kid mirror

Glitz and glam everywhere. | Sam Gonzy via Instagram

If you have the coin, why not install a gold-encrusted chandelier in your bathroom? Just take one look at many of the rich kids’ Instagram feeds and you will see an awful lot of fancy fixtures. We can’t deny it, selfies do look better surrounded by this much glam.

Next: Despite their off-the-hook lifestyles, they do care about others.

10. Many of them do give back to their communities

Rich kid donate blood

Some do give back. | Clarisse Lafleur via Instagram

While it does seem very easy to criticize these super-rich kids for their lavish lifestyles, many of them do realize how great they have it. A proportion of them also give to charity, volunteer, donate blood, and contribute positively to the world. It just goes to show how shallow social media can make us seem, regardless of our income level.

Next: Sometimes, they get a craving for fast food too.

11. Even rich folks can’t resist a good, greasy burger and fries

Rich kid in n out

In-N-Out is universal. | DGWP via Instagram

Have you ever seen a fancy car pulling through a fast food drive-thru? It just goes to show, fast food’s addictive qualities affect the upper echelon, too. We hope these kids put down a napkin so they don’t drip any ketchup on those leather seats.

Next: Their summer homes make our full-time homes look tiny.

12. Their ‘cottages’ give us house envy

Rich kid house

Pool party anyone? | Ali Smith via Instagram

If you have ever watched HGTV, you know some really amazing homes exist out there. Some of the abodes the richest of the rich share on social media even blow those out of the water. Just the swimming pool at this humble little country home makes us want to visit. Can you imagine what the inside looks like?

Next: They love seeing movies, as well.

13. Even rich kids like catching a flick with the parents

Rich kid star wars movie premier

Only they’re at the premier. | Jack Prosser via Instagram

The way some of these kids take in a movie brings a whole new meaning to the term “Netflix and chill.” While most of us do not don a tuxedo and head to a premier when a hot new movie comes out, we can relate to the excitement. That said, sweatpants and a container of lo mein still beats dressing up for a lot of us.

Next: They show off their furry friends online the same way we do.

14. Rich kids also know every good post needs a furball

Rich kid watches

And expensive watches. | Mirko Salvetti via Instagram

What makes a good photo? A shot of your watch collection. What makes a good photo even better? Getting your best non-human friend into the frame. No matter how much money you spent on your wardrobe, it will always look better with a pup in the pic. That’s just a fact.

Next: They goof off with their friends.

15. Even with all of that coin, they’re still just kids

Rich kid party

They’re all on their phones too. | Rodrigo Del Castillo via Instagram

Many people like to throw a lot of shade at rich kids, but at the end of the day, they also have a lot more in common with your kids than you think. Sure, they throw parties with champagne and caviar, but they also like to goof around and take silly photos. Maybe their lives include more money than the rest of us, but they still put their pants on one leg at a time.

Next: In fact, one dark side does come with all of that wealth.

16. A lot of them employ security details to keep them safe.

Alexa Dell Rich kid family

It comes with some serious risks. | Alexa Dell via Instagram

Six years ago, heiress Alexa Dell briefly quit social media over security fears for her and her family. After she posted a picture of her brother Zachary on their private jet, the photo went viral and she and Zachary both deleted their accounts for their own safety. “It’s a shame that there are people out there who just are having fun exploiting others,” she said, of the ordeal.

In fact, a lot of super-rich kids have security measures to keep them safe from those who want to exploit their wealth. Dell suggested her fellow wealthy teens and 20-somethings exercise caution, especially online saying, “everyone’s not so nice … If you think you meant something in a fun and lighthearted kind of context, someone may spin that and take it from you.”

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