15 Surprising Jobs That Will Keep You Healthy in Retirement

Americans over 65 are employed at the highest rate in 55 years. Some of these folks continue to work out of necessity, while others want to remain engaged and productive, both physically and mentally. Many realize that choosing a new career after retirement can be a way to keep feeling young and fit. One man in such a situation described it as being retired, but not retired.

Here is a list of 15 jobs to help you stay active during retirement. As you’ll, see many of these jobs offer flexible, part-time schedules and provide strong physical and mental benefits.

1. National park employee

Grand Prismatic Spring, Yellowstone National park

Who wouldn’t want to work someplace like Yellowstone National park? | lucky-photographer/iStock/Getty Images

If you enjoy the fresh air and exercise associated with being outdoors, consider seasonal or year-round employment at a U.S. national park. Jobs that open up include park rangers, tour guides, researchers, custodial workers, and more. This could be a healthy opportunity to enjoy the beauty our national parks have to offer after sitting behind a desk for 30 years! To get started, check out the National Park Service employment site where you can view jobs by state.

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