2 Top Stories Affecting Dow 30 Industrial Stocks This Week

The Boeing Company (NYSE:BA): Current price $75.03

The National Transportation Safety Board is looking into the possibility that tiny fiber-like formations, known as dendrites, inside the lithium-ion batteries could have contributed to battery failures on two Boeing  787 Dreamliners in January, says Reuters.


General Electric Company (NYSE:GE): Current price $23.28

GE and Google (NASDAQ:GOOG) have reached a new accord through which they will integrate Google Maps data into GE’s Smallworld electrical, telecommunications and gas applications. Google’s mapping content will comprise an integral part of GE’s solutions, reinforcing the existing geospatial capabilities of GE’s Smallworld products by supplying out-of-the-box base mapping along with visualization and analytics capabilities. GE’s Distribution Management Systems and Outage Management Systems also will employ Google’s mapping content in the context of operational control of electricity networks.


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