25 More Legitimate Work-From-Home Jobs Hiring Right Now

Source: Thinkstock

Source: Thinkstock

Some of you may remember the days when finding a job involved searching through the newspaper or Pennysaver’s “Help Wanted” ads. The ad would often tell you how to apply; a resume sent via fax machine, maybe in-person, through the mail, or sometimes even over the phone. After you found jobs that piqued your interest, you would go to the library (or wherever there was an available copy machine) and make copies of your resume to send out. You’d also spend part of your search driving around and visiting businesses to find out if they were hiring. It was a tedious process.

In 1998, only 15% of job seekers used the Internet to find jobs, and nearly 65% contacted the employer in-person. Today, most job seekers can’t imagine job hunting without the Internet, and few people would think to walk into a place like Google and ask for a job.

Finding a job these days is a lot different than ever before, and while the Internet has made it so people can search through thousands of available job opportunities by clicking a few buttons, it has also created some additional challenges. Face-to-face interaction between hiring employers and prospective candidates is much more limited, so scammers use that to their advantage.

Many scams are centered around the whole work-from-home concept. Since you don’t necessarily have to ever see your employer face-to-face, nor do you have to report into any sort of brick and mortar building, this makes it much easier for a scammer to pose as an employer. The FTC warns against such scams, and it even has a website where you can check on the latest reported work-at-home scams. During your job search, it’s wise to periodically check and see what types of work-from-home scams are going on.

Also, make sure you search for jobs on a reputable job search database. Read the frequently asked questions, terms and conditions, and about us sections on each job search database so that you know exactly how each job search database finds the jobs it posts.

We created a list of 25 work-from-home positions that are currently hiring for late October. We found these positions on FlexJobs, a job search database that focuses on flexible work opportunities. All of these positions are nationwide, and they are either full-time or part-time telecommuting positions.

  1. Smart Desktop Engineer
  2. Technical Writer
  3. Senior Software Developer
  4. Mac OS X Developer
  5. Speaker Recruiter
  6. Business Analyst II, III, Consultant
  7. Government Markets Segment Leader
  8. Google AdWords / Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising Specialist
  9. Assistant Contract Administrator
  10. Home Based Customer Care Agent
  11. Junior Territory Account Executive
  12. Business Consultant
  13. Senior Social Marketing Analytics & Strategy Consultant
  14. Imaging SDK Developer
  15. Software Sales Representative
  16. Security Web Fraud Software Sales Representative
  17. Learning / Skills Consultant
  18. Human Factors – Research and Design
  19. Application / Cloud Architect
  20. Clinical Research Associate II – Senior Clinical Research Associate
  21. Global Order to Cash Offering Leader
  22. Counter Fraud Management – Client Technical Professional
  23. Vice President of Sales
  24. Online HR Recruiter
  25. Director of Digital Marketing

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