3 Auto Stocks Going Places: Ford’s European Suspension, GM’s Potential Hybrid, Honda Unveils Safety System

Ford (NYSE:F): Ford has decided to suspend operations in its Romanian plant for one week in response to new demand schedules for its B-Max model. In a plant taken over from Romanian car manufacturer Craiova, nearly half of the workforce will remain at rest for the week’s duration. Combined with Ford’s decision to shut down two smaller plants in England and its announcement to close an assembly line in Belgium, the Romanian suspension may indicate weakening auto sales in Ford’s European markets.


General Motors (NYSE:GM): General Motors President Mark Reuss said “Don’t laugh” when jokingly confronted with the possibility of crafting a hybrid Corvette, the Los Angeles Times reports. Reuss’s comment could indicate the direction GM will take with the C8, the newest Corvette yet to be unveiled, and it may place GM’s Corvette alongside the Porsche 918 Spyder at the forefront of luxury, sporty cars for environmentally conscious thrill seekers.


Honda (NYSE:HMC): This week, Honda showed demonstrations of its new safety initiatives, highlighting its vehicle-to-pedestrian and vehicle-to-motorcycle technological developments. The systems connect a vehicle with a phone app used by pedestrians that alerts the driver as well as the pedestrian if it believes a collision is imminent. While the technology is still a long way from entering the market, it is interesting if only as a glance into the possible future of safety systems between vehicles and potential sources of danger.


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