3 Auto Stocks Going Places: Toyota Sees More Sales, Tesla Finds its Niche, and Ford’s Lincoln Is in Decline

Toyota Motor Corp. (NYSE:TM): Toyota is aiming to sell 2.25 million vehicles in the United States for 2013, as strong industry-wide demand and confidence over upcoming launches of the Tundra and Corolla have led the company to believe that the revised guidance is attainable. That number includes sales under the Scion and Lexus brands, and is bumped up from 2.15 million vehicles. Toyota also raised its industry sales estimates to 15.5 million vehicles, up from 15.3 million.


Tesla Motors (NASDAQ:TSLA): A poll from Edmunds reveals that Tesla’s clients who purchase the Model S sedan tend to be younger than the average luxury vehicle shopper, as nearly a third of buyers fall between 18-to-44 years of age, and the percentage of males opting for the Model S is higher than average. The profile of the Model S buyer is most similar to that of the Porsche Panamera owner and Edmunds chose to eliminate political leanings as a variable for the survey.


Ford (NYSE:F): Ford’s Lincoln division is now performing worse than Mercury when the company closed the doors on that operation, according to CarAndDriver. Lincoln has 0.57 percent market share in the auto space, compared to 0.67 percent in 2011. However, the Lincoln town car, surely the most iconic of the brand, was terminated last year, representing 9,000 units worth of sales for Ford’s struggling luxury division.


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