3 Buzzing Social Media Stocks: Facebook Axes a Feature, Yelp’s Android App, Pandora’s Concert

Facebook (NASDAQ:FB): Facebook has eliminated a privacy feature that allowed people’s timelines to be viewed when searched for by name. While many have expressed concerns about privacy levels within the social networking company’s website, Facebook officials have said that the feature was of little practical use. If anything, they claim, it lulled people into a false sense of security because users may have been dis-incentivized from deploying additional privacy measures due to the feature.


Yelp (NYSE:YELP): Yelp has officially rolled out the capacity to enter reviews via a new set of smartphones by way of its Android app. The company debuted its iPhone app to much acclaim earlier this year, and its sees the Android app as the next logical step in the progression. So far, feedback about the program has been mostly positive, and patterns of reviews appear to be tracking those from computers and iPhones with a reasonable degree of consistency.


Pandora Media (NYSE:P): Pandora announced that it will be pairing with Celine Dion to bring a special concert to New York City toward the end of this month. As part of its Pandora Presents program, by which the online streaming service partners with musicians to provide concerts free of charge to communities across the nation, Pandora has decided that Dion would be the perfect fit for its next event. Dion is set to premiere her new album, Loved Me Back to Life, sometime next month.


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