3 Buzzing Social Media Stocks: Facebook Soars on Earnings, LinkedIn Tries Infographics, and Zynga Fails Less Than Expected

Facebook (NASDAQ:FB): Facebook’s strong earnings, which showed a 27 percent gain in active users over the past year, coupled with a jump in second quarter revenue of 53 percent to $1.81 billion, sent the stock soaring today. The stock traded up over 20 percent, and garnered positive sentiment from analysts about future share price.


LinkedIn (NYSE:LNKD): LinkedIn is rolling out some infographic features, which it hopes will help make its business model more dynamic. After purchasing SlideShare in May for a cool $119 million, LinkedIn is adding two new features to the service, most notably an upgrade to an existing SlideShare product, which will allow people who post presentations and infographics on the site to view their performance.


Zynga (NASDAQ:ZNGA): Zynga’s earnings came out today, and beat expectations by 3 cents per share, with earnings at -$0.01. Since the company still reported a loss of $231 million, new chief executive officer Don Mattrick put the situation into perspective for shareholders, saying, “The next few years will be a time of phenomenal growth in our space, and Zynga has incredible assets to take advantage of the market opportunity.”


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