3 Chip Stocks to Note Now: Broadcom’s Purchase, Surface Adopts NVIDIA Power, Intel’s New Tech

Broadcom Corp. (NASDAQ:BRCM): Broadcom agreed to purchase a block of LTE-related assets from the affiliates of Renesas Electronics for about $164 million in cash. Although the transaction is expected to trim about 12 cents from EPS in the December quarter and 10 cents-15 cents from EPS for 2014, it is expected to be accretive to earnings in 2015.


NVIDIA (NASDAQ:NVDA): NVIDIA’s Tegra 4 Platform will be the powering force behind the Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) Surface 2, which is allegedly in the works from the tech powerhouse. Despite the mediocre showing from Surface’s first incarnation, the NVIDIA chip may be able to power the Surface’s newer version to a successful debut in the near future.


Intel (NASDAQ:INTC): Intel has announced its new silicon photonics technology, wherein lasers and other optical components are fitted into silicon chips to replace conventional copper data cables. The new transmission speeds are vastly improved, sending 100 gigabits per second as opposed to current top speeds of 40 gigabits per second. The new technology could severely lower the cost of running a data center, potentially even someday finding its way into consumer products after mass production can be streamlined.


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