3 Chip Stocks to Note Now: Intel Competing in Educational Tablet Space, Nvidia Hints at Grand Theft Auto V for PC, and AMD’s APU Impresses

Intel (NASDAQ:INTC):Closing price $22.52

Intel has stirred up its rivalry with the non-profit One Laptop Per Child, an organization which aims to sell tablets and laptops to governments across the world, as the chip giant is rolling out educational devices of its own under the brand name Education Tablet. Gail Dundas, an Intel spokeswoman, told PCWorld in an email that, “It includes a tablet-specific Intel Education Software Suite which provides a collaborative, secure, enhanced and easy to use experience.”


NVIDIA (NASDAQ:NVDA):Closing price $14.42

Nvidia just told a riled up gaming community that Grand Theft Auto 5 is due for release on PC this fall – possibly. The game has been anticipated for a while now, and the company has possibly confirmed its existence for PC. A petition containing over 300,000 signatures is currently in the works to get the studio which produces Grand Theft Auto, Rockstar, to make the game for PC.


AMD (NYSE:AMD):Closing price $3.69

AMD is trying to bridge the gap between processors and video cards, testing the possibility of running popular games without the need for a separate video card.  Certain games on AMD’s advanced processing unit were playable at prime settings, including Dirt Showdown and Sleeping Dogs. However, the more intense games, notably Crysis 3, were a bit too much to handle, forcing Forbes’ Jason Evangelho to turn down settings.


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