3 Chip Stocks to Note Now: Nvidia Opens Up Shield, Intel Breaks Ground on New Foundry, and AMD Dramatically Drops Radeon Prices

Nvidia (NASDAQ:NVDA): Nvidia’s Shield handheld gaming system now features open source software support, making the operating system easier to customize. However, the company warns that this sort of customization is really intended for those who know what they’re doing. ”To be sure, this is double-diamond stuff,” Nvidia said in a blog post. “If you’re not a coder or already set up with an Android development environment you should skip downloading these tools.”


Intel Corp. (NASDAQ:INTC): Intel has broken ground on its first dedicated facility for 450mm wafer production, ExtremeTech reports. The new foundry is scheduled to be up and running in 2015, as the company is committing about $2 billion in bring-up costs through the remainder of the year. As foundry costs have continued to ramp up in recent years, the new 450mm facility will likely set records in this area due to the cost of the new manufacturing equipment, ExtremeTech says.


Advanced Micro Devices (NYSE:AMD): AMD’s Radeon HD 7990 has undergone a substantial price cut, as the company dropped it to $200 below the 7990’s official list price and $100 cheaper than it was in July. AnandTech reports that while the official MSRP on the 7990 is $799, street prices are consistently lower, and PowerColor and XFX have their respective reference models down to $669 and $699 after rebates, respectively.


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