3 Media Stocks in Focus: CBS CEO Speaks Up, Netflix Originals Hold Value, Fox Appeals to Shareholders

CBS Corporation (NYSE:CBS): CEO Les Moonves believes that parity will be reached between TV ads and online advertising within three to five years, so essentially, it won’t matter to the networks where the content is watched. ”If you go on a college campus today,” Moonves said, “most of the kids are watching their shows online.”


Netflix (NASDAQ:NFLX): According to a survey by RBC Capital Markets, Netflix’s original programming is serving as a substantial positive for the company. While original programming creates buzz to attract new customers, it is also bolstering their customer retention rate. 43 percent of Netflix subscribers claimed that original programming played a factor in their decision to stay with Netflix, while 60 percent reported having viewed at least one original program from the company. In a business where managing turnover rates is key to success, Netflix may have found themselves a powerful tool in their original programs.


21st Century Fox (NASDAQ:FOXA): 21st Century Fox urged shareholders not to accept an offer from TRC Capital to buy stock at $30.25 per share, noting that the offer was at 4.6 percent below market value. 21st Century Fox has called into question the price that TRC is offering in its mini-tender offer.


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