3 Media Stocks in Focus: DirecTV’s Website Woes, Netflix Streaming Seems Strong, Bruckheimer Talks with Disney

DirecTV (NASDAQ:DTV): For two consecutive Sundays, DirecTV’s Sunday Ticket subscribers have experienced several outages on its website during critical times in the afternoon, prompting comments calling for the company to reimburse the subscribers, who have paid about $75 more for the online abilities. However, it gets a bit tricky, as the subscribers also have access to the same program on TV, the broadcasting of which was not disrupted.


Netflix Inc. (NASDAQ:NFLX): A forecast from TDG says that Netflix will see U.S. streaming usage of 26 billion hours by 2018, or about double the level Netflix will see this year. While the usage figures bode well for Netflix, its subscription rate growth is predicted to level out in 2020 as challengers continue to populate the industry.


Walt Disney Co. (NYSE:DIS): Jerry Bruckheimer will enter the studio to engage in talks for continuing his partnership with Disney after 2014. Though both Bruckheimer and Disney have been happy with the partnership, which has created such giants like the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, concerns have arisen over the recent lack of success with projects such as The Lone Ranger. Disney has moved on to a variety of other movie powerhouses from which to draw support, so it is not as reliant on Bruckheimer for support as it once appeared to be.


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