3 Media Stocks in Focus: Disney Remains Popular, Netflix Included on Amazon’s Internet TV, DirecTV a Buy

Disney (NYSE:DIS): Disney characters will account for six of the top 10 most popular Halloween costumes this year, according to Seeking Alpha. It’s likely Disney will continue to dominate the holiday following the purchase of the Star Wars franchise from Lucas Films.

DIS 20131015

Netflix (NASDAQ:NFLX): News that Amazon will include Netflix on its new Internet TV device is one of several concessions on the part of major media companies regarding Netflix following the revelation Monday that cable companies will allow access to Netflix through a “set-top box app.” The announcements seem to speak to more bullish claims about continued domestic subscriber growth opportunities for Netflix.

NFLX 20131015

DirecTV (NASDAQ:DTV): Citigroup raised its price target for DirecTV to $79 from $67, saying it expects the stock to move toward $89 per share by 2016. The firm keeps a Buy rating on DirecTV stock.

DTV 20131015

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