3 Media Stocks in Focus: Netflix Faces Rising Costs, CBS Extends Time Warner Cable Deadline, and Dish Sees Spectrum Opportunity

Netflix (NASDAQ:NFLX): Analyst Youssef Squali from Cantor has cut the firm’s rating on Netflix to Hold, reflecting growing concern about rising content and international expansion costs. However, the company is performing as expected, especially as the stock is pushing 3.5 times the revenue, and 40 times the Ebitda.


CBS (NYSE:CBS): CBS has extended its blackout deadline with Time Warner Cable (NYSE:TWC), allowing subscribers to the latter to get an extra day to watch CBS shows before the companies’ programming agreement expires in large markets such as New York and Los Angeles, Reuters reported. The talks were delayed because of a technicality related to U.S. Federal Communications Commission rule about pulling signals during a “sweeps” period, according to sources.


Dish Network (NASDAQ:DISH): A group of LightSquared’s lenders have filed a reorganization plan in bankruptcy court on Tuesday, which would replicate the footprint of Dish Network’s $2.2 billion offer for a controlling stake of LightSquared’s spectrum holdings, Fierce Wireless reports. The group, led by Egren, said the bid would pay in full the company’s debt worth $1.7 billion, after LightSquared said last week that it lost control of its own bankruptcy reorganization plan.


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