3 Media Stocks in Focus: Netflix’s New Industry Position, Outerwall’s EPS Win Can’t Stop Share Slide, and Disney’s ESPN Ties Pay-TV Together

Netflix (NYSE:CBS): An add on CBS’s (NYSE:CBS) website for Netflix’s Orange is the New Black provides a dose of irony for today’s media landscape, as it was not long ago that Netflix was forced to take whatever the media companies would give it. Now, Netflix has enough revenue under its belt — not to mention its growing portfolio of original programming — that it can afford to make stabs at the traditional media industry that it has shaken up.


Outerwall Inc. (NASDAQ:OUTR): A fairly substantial earnings per share beat ($1.91, beating by 92 cents) isn’t enough to salvage the shares from a revenue shortfall ($554.2 million, short $10.02 million), as the stock is now down 12 percent. The company suffered from a lack of demand for DVD rentals but is looking to grow as the 35 percent stake holder in Redbox Instant and through a new venture to sell fresh-brewed coffee at kiosks.


Disney (NYSE:DIS): Needham has estimated that if an a la carte system was adopted throughout the cable and satellite industry, Disney’s ESPN programming could cost users about $30 per month. The popular sports network is holding the pay-TV model together, and consumers would get slammed with higher fees and less choices if a la carte became a reality, according to industry executives.


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