3 Telecom Stocks Seeing Action: Verizon’s ‘Mobile Wallet,’ T-Mobile Hopes to Expand, Sprint Phones Reused

Verizon Communications Inc. (NYSE:VZ): Verizon has launched its Isis Mobile Wallet nationwide, the company’s near-field communication attempt at replacing monetary transactions with a simple swipe of one’s handset. Verizon subscribers can download the Isis app from Google’s Play Store and installed on an enhanced SIM card that can be picked up at one of Verizon’s stores. According to Verizon’s release, over 20,000 retail locations would be equipped with Isis compatible payment terminals.

VZ 20131119

T-Mobile US Inc. (NYSE:TMUS): T-Mobile is eyeing the wireless airwaves of its larger rival, Verizon, a source said Tuesday; such a purchase by T-Mobile could drastically help to “bolster its mobile network capacity for data services.” Apparently, T-Mobile has made contact with Verizon, but negotiations are still in their earliest stages. It’s also likely that the company would have to pay a pretty penny for Verizon’s unused airwaves; according to one analyst, it may cost T-Mobile up to $3 million.

TMUS 20131119

Sprint Corp. (NYSE:S): If you have an old phone from Sprint lying around, don’t throw it out just yet. FreedomPop has announced that, with Sprint’s approval, it has launched a bring-your-own-device program that will enable subscribers to activate several older model Sprint WiMAX phones, and even the LTE-powered Samsung Galaxy S III, under a FreedomPop plan. However, not every Sprint phone will work on FreedomPop, at least yet — the device can’t be under a current contract with Sprint, and FreedomPop is slowly adding support for the 500 or so phones that currently operate on Sprint’s network.

S 20131119

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