3 Ways You Can Quickly Get a Work-From-Home Job

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These days, it’s not at all unheard of for skilled workers to report to a (literal) home office. For those who are already familiar with the work-from-home scene, it feels very normal for these workers to get up, make the long walk to the computer, and log on. Seasoned telecommuters are able to zone in while at work, feeling as though they are “at work” when they sign on, and “at home” when they sign off.

For those who have never worked from home, the concept may seem very foreign. These individuals often have questions like: “How do I show up to work?,” “How do I turn in my assignments?” and “How does my employer know I’m really working?”

Some workers are interested in the opportunity to work from home, but wonder where you can find these types of opportunities. With so many scams out there, how can you locate some of the good ones and make them want to hire you?

Here are a few ways you can increase your chances of quickly finding a telecommute job, courtesy of FlexJobs, a job search database that specializes in legitimate and flexible work opportunities (like work-from-home positions).

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1. Look in the right places

Flexjobs reports that it experienced 34% growth in the number of flexible positions it had available across all industries over the past year. But, there are some industries that provide more work-from-home positions than others.

Skip the Drive published the results of a telecommuter survey, which found that these are some of the more common industries for telecommuters to work in:

  • Administrative (10%)
  • Customer Service (14%)
  • Software/IT (10%)
  • Data Entry (5%)
  • Health Care (12%)
  • Management (15%)
  • Marketing/Advertising (5%)
  • Sales (9%)
  • Business Development (4%)
  • Writing & Journalism (4%)
  • Other (11%)

In addition to narrowing your search by database or specific industry, you can also narrow your search by job title. Flexjobs found that “job titles like consultant, case manager, sales representative, writer, engineer, marketing manager, account executive, interpreter / translator, and developer are some of the most commonly found when searching for jobs that offer remote work.

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2. Network, network, network

A great way to quickly find work-from-home opportunities is by connecting with other telecommuters on social media sites, like LinkedIn.

Also, check out company reviews and look for opportunities, on sites like Glassdoor and even YouTube. People are often ready and willing to publicize a scam, and you can use information from the online public to your advantage. You may also find out information about which companies are hiring, the hiring process, the interview process, and the job itself. These experiences from past and current employees can be very valuable.

When applying for a job, your online image is more important than ever. Before you apply for any position (especially a remote position), make sure you update and clean up your online profiles. Your career, skills, and education information should be up-to-date on LinkedIn. Also, be sure to erase any immature or embarrassing pics from online profiles that you wouldn’t want a prospective employer to see.

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3. Learn new skills and perfect your resume

So, you applied for a work-from-home admin position, but the only experience you have is in a brick-and-mortar office environment. If an employer views your resume, she may be concerned about your ability to transition from office to home office.

How do you make yourself stand out? Learn new skills, like additional Microsoft skills, research, writing, or even all of the various instant messaging platforms. This way, you’ll be able to convey an ability to not only do the job well, but do it well from a home office.

Also, make your resume work-from-home friendly. This means highlighting your most marketable skills, as well as highlighting skills that show you would be a good fit for a work-from-home position. These are skills like project management, the ability to work well on a small team, communication (particularly via phone, chat, and email), and the ability to self-manage.

Lastly, if you see a position you’re interested in, put in your resume as soon as possible. The virtual world has made it so positions can be filled almost as quickly as they were posted. Put in resume after resume, because the more hooks you have out, the better your chances.

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