3M Entices Libraries Into Cloud Lending System and 2 Other Dow Movers to Watch

3M Company (NYSE:MMM): Current price $110.52

3M Library Systems is motivating libraries to enroll with the 3M Cloud Library eBook Lending System along with a guaranteed satisfaction program for new customers. The program will be outlined at the American Library Association Annual Conference & Exhibition, June 27 through July 1 in Chicago. When the new library signs up and finishes the training process, 3M will buy an opening day collection of popular titles, all of which expire within one year of acquisition, based on terms set by publishers. If at the year’s end the customer is unsatisfied with the program, the titles simply expire and 3M will refund the annual platform fee.


Procter & Gamble Co. (NYSE:PG): Current price $77.80

P&G is becoming one of the first big shippers to change over a significant percentage of its for-hire truck loads to natural gas. Beginning in July, the company will collaborate with eight transportation carriers to convert as much as 20 percent of its truck load shipments in North America to natural gas vehicles within two years. By attaining this goal, it is anticipated that P&G will accumulate savings for the converted lanes, and lower greenhouse gas emissions by almost 5,000 metric tons, or the equivalent GHG emissions from 1,000 passenger vehicles for one year.


General Electric Company (NYSE:GE): Current price $23.41

GE says in a Thursday statement that it will supply and install 67 turbines at a wind farm in southeastern Australia, and also provide maintainence services for 10 years located at the 113-megawatt Boco Rock wind farm in New South Wales state. Continental Wind Partners is developing the $324 million project, and the Thai utility Electricity Generating PCL will take up ownership upon completion. Meanwhile, GE is working with the construction company Downer EDI.


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