4 Comic Books That Will Boost Your Financial Literacy

Source: Marvel Comics

Could your financial skills use a tuneup? National Financial Literacy Month is a great time to begin your pursuit of financial education. If you dread getting started, know there are an abundance of tools available that can strengthen your money knowledge. Although it can be a dull topic at times, there are tons of unique ways to make financial literacy exciting. From video games to quizzes and board games, the options for financial education are endless.

Sharpening your money skills is important for success. Increased financial literacy can help you become smarter about money management choices and even boost your savings account.  If you’re overwhelmed by the task of embarking on your financial education journey, know that it’s OK to pace yourself. You don’t have to tackle several complicated money topics at once. Goucher College finance professor Victor Ricciardi suggests focusing on one topic at a time.

“My approach and suggestion for teaching personal finance issues is to select fewer topics and spend time teaching each topic in a thorough manner. This prevents overwhelming students with too much information during the course,” says Ricciardi.

If you’re a comic book fan then you’re sure to enjoy some of the financial literacy-themed comics available right now. Here are four of our recommendations.

1. The Avengers: Saving the Day

Your favorite comic book heroes Black Widow, Hulk, Iron Man, Spider-Man, and Thor will teach you how to be money smart in The Avengers: Saving The Day. This comic book, a collaboration between Visa Inc. and Marvel Comics, includes budgeting worksheets, useful financial terms, and information about banking and insurance. Hulk’s Budget Blaster will not only entertain you but also provide a quick way to track short-term spending.

2. The Story of the Federal Reserve System

The Federal Reserve Bank of New York came out with this handy illustrated guide to the bank’s history in The Story of the Federal Reserve System. The book covers financial terms and topics such as the meaning of credit and how money works. In addition, explanations of more complicated topics such the anatomy of an economic recession, inflation, and interest rates are outlined in simple terms. If you’re interested in reading more books produced by The Fed, you can check out more of their educational resources at Federal Reserve Education.

3. Financial Intelligence

Raise your financial IQ when you read Financial Intelligence by Karen Berman and Joe Knight. This book explains the basics of accounting through a lively story of Tom’s Bike Shop. The book, published by SmarterComics, gives you an overview of assets, liabilities, and other financial concepts. Readers can access the book through Kindle, paperback, and PDF.

4. I Got Bank

If you have youngsters in your life, this comic book will likely spark their interest in learning about the basics of banking. Written by OneUnited Bank President Terri Williams, I Got Bank discusses the importance of saving and developing good financial habits. The story focuses on the adventures of 10-year-old Jazz and his efforts to grow his $2,000 bank account. You can read an excerpt from the book’s first chapter here.

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