4 Worst Jobs for ‘Type A’ Personalities

Your personality factors into pretty much everything: your relationships, your ability to attain your goals, your health, and even your work life and the amount of money you make. If you’re reading this article, there’s a good chance you either fall into the Type A personality group, or you know someone who does. According to Simply Psychology, this includes a set of behavioral responses that are known as the Type A Behavior Pattern, and includes competitiveness, time urgency, and hostility. You may not display all of these traits (for example, you may not be truly hostile), but people with Type A personality often have some degree of these characteristics.

Type A personalities have many excellent characteristics that are ideal for success in the workplace, but there are some jobs that are not a good fit for Type A’s. If you consider yourself Type A, these could be some of the worst jobs available.

1. Corporate salesman

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Because Type A personalities are often competitive and hard working, they can be very effective in sales positions. However, if your job is based on commission, as it often is in sales, you risk losing customers if your agitation or impatience comes to the surface. Because Type A personalities often want to do their very best, it can also be detrimental to your self-esteem if your worth and finances are regularly tied to the amount of customers or sales you can bring in (especially on bad days). Also, these jobs can be stressful, and job stress can lead to metabolic syndrome and health problems.

2. Waiter or a bartender

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Many Type A personalities are very reliant on timing, and this can be difficult if you work in a restaurant or at a bar. You may have to work long hours, food may not be ready when you want it to be, and other people (including both co-workers and customers) may work much slower than you want them to. Many Type A personalities also struggle with interrupting others, which could cost you a tip or a customer when working at a restaurant or bar.

Also, some people have a difficult time falling asleep, and because working at a restaurant or bar can often lead to upsetting confrontations (which might keep you up at night thinking) and long or varying hours, so these jobs might not be right for you.

3. Manager or trainer

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Like sales positions, waiters, and bartenders, managerial positions require you to regularly interact with other people. If you have a low tolerance for incompetence, or you can’t stand when people are late, slow, or simply don’t finish their work on your timeline, then a management position might not be the best fit for you. Not everyone can work as fast or efficiently as you can, and if you let your irritation or impatience show, you may face angry employees (and even an angry superior if you have a boss). Even if you avoid confrontations, if your employees feel unfairly pushed or rushed, you may still face a hostile environment. The same is true if you work as a corporate trainer.

However, because many Type A personalities are high performers, if you can channel your leadership qualities into an effective management style, and you are able to avoid becoming impatient or hostile, you may be an excellent manager.

4. Computer industry worker

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This category can cover several different types of jobs, including IT, engineering, security, administration, and others. Not all of these jobs might be a poor fit, but many will be. This is due to the fact that many Type A personalities enjoy competition, and it can be difficult to encourage your competitive side if you sit at a desk all day. Many of these jobs (but not all) also lack variety, and routine is often a turnoff for Type A personalities as well. You also will have little control over when other people get back to you if you choose to work remotely.

Every personality type has its positives and negatives, and Type A personalities certainly have a lot of fantastic qualities. The world needs hard-working, competitive people who accomplish what needs to be done. However, some jobs may not be the right fit if you have a high-performing, time-sensitive personality. On the other hand, if you truly enjoy working on the computer, and you want to be an IT technician, then be sure to channel your Type A personalities into other aspects of your life outside work so that you don’t suffer at your job. If you’re still curious about which jobs might be best for you, you can try a Career Test.

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