5 Active Radar Stocks: Ford Drives Lower, Texas Instruments Drops 6%, and H&R Block Announces Dividend Increase

After closing the day 2.98% lower, shares of Ford (NYSE:F) continue to edge .37% lower in late trading.  The auto company announced it will resume paying a dividend.  It will be five cents per share, and is the first dividend paid by the company in five years.  Competitors include: General Motors (NYSE:GM), Toyota Motor Corp. (NYSE:TM) and Honda Motor Co. (NYSE:HMC).

Shares of Texas Instruments Inc. (NYSE:TXN) are down more than 6% after the closing bell.  The company lowered its expected ranges for revenue and earnings per share.  Texas Instruments now expects revenue between $3.19-$3.33 billion, compared to previous estimates of $3.26-$3.54 billion.  Earnings per share is expected to be $0.21-$0.25, compared to the prior range of $0.28-$0.36.

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Exxon Mobil Corp. (NYSE:XOM) is edging slightly higher after announcing that is believes US oil imports have peaked, and will decline in the next three decades.  The oil giant cits rising domestic supplies and a 20% reduction in oil demand as the causes.  Competitors include: Chevron Corp. (NYSE:CVX) and ConocoPhillips (NYSE:COP).

Late Thursday, H&R Block Inc. (NYSE:HRB) announced it will increase its annual cash dividend by 33%.  “This dividend increase is a direct reflection of the company’s continued commitment to strong shareholder returns,” said President and Chief Executive Bill Cobb. “It’s a bold move that shows we are confident in our ability to grow clients and market share, and confident in our future.”

Shares of Altera Corp. (NASDAQ:ALTR) are down almost 5% after saying revenue for the fourth quarter will come in 13%-16% lower than the third quarter.  “As the quarter has progressed, economic uncertainty, macroeconomic concerns, and, in some instances, lower than planned sales have resulted in customers reducing demand on Altera,” the company explained in a statement.

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