5 Signs it May Be Time to Quit Your Job

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Has that dream job turned into a recurring nightmare? It might be time for a change. Working at a company that makes it difficult to get out of bed each morning is no fun.

“According to Deloitte’s recent Shift Index survey, 80% of people are actually dissatisfied with their job. They hate going to work most days,” said Stuart Young in Do You Hate Your Job? How to Decide If You Can Fall Back in Love with Your Job or Whether It’s Time to Quit.

But how do you really know it’s time to leave? Here are five signs it’s time to pack it up and move on.

1. You’re getting sick

Your health always comes first. If the conditions at your job are making you ill, it’s time to go. It could be excessive stress, a heavy work load, poor working conditions, or unusually long hours. Whatever it is, if your employer is not willing to work with you to make the situation more tolerable, you have to leave before a major health crisis forces you to make the decision. You can either be healthy and a little bit happier at a new job, laid up in a hospital bed — or worse.

2. Your boss despises you

Is your relationship with your boss strained? If working together has become increasingly uncomfortable, your days might be numbered. Get out of there before you’re fired and start job hunting. Generally, you’re more marketable when you interview for a job while you’re still employed. It’s especially important to hightail it out of there if your supervisor is mean to you and mistreats you and attempts to resolve the situation are ineffective. You should not put up with abuse.

“Nastiness by bosses can be attributed to many factors. It is a unique personality trait where an individual behaves nastily with people he or she doesn’t like. The most common reasons for this can be jealousy, mistrust, prejudice, their own bad experiences with their bosses or others, and so on,” said Sibichen K. Mathew in When the Boss is Wrong: Making and Unmaking of the Leader Within You.

3. You’re having major conflict with several co-workers

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Conflicts with more than one of your co-workers over an extended period of time can be stressful. It is also distracting to have to deal with combative office mates. This will eventually affect your concentration and therefore the quality of your work, which would lead to even more problems when it comes time for performance reviews. Office strife can also hurt your relationship with others in the office as they might start to take sides. This situation can get bad very quickly. If human resources is not able to help, you may want to consider bidding adieu. It’s not worth tarnishing your good reputation over petty behavior.

4. You’re underpaid

There’s a limit to the amount of cost cutting and budgeting you can do. Your paycheck can stretch only so far. After a while, the struggle just isn’t worth it. If you find yourself in a situation where you’re having significant difficulty making ends meet, it’s time to start looking for another job. Maybe you took a pay cut after a layoff or you were just trying to get your foot in the door after college, but now it’s time to be realistic. Start shopping your résumé around before the debt collectors start looking for you. However, before you make the move also take into consideration other perks you may be overlooking, such as flexible hours or above-average health benefits.

5. You hate your job

Don’t stay with an employer just because you’re comfortable and know your job well. You deserve better. Life is meant to be lived to its fullest. You are not truly living if you choose to remain in a miserable situation. Leave now before a decade or more passes and most of your time has been spent complaining and simply tolerating life.

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