5 Reasons Why Frequent Flyers are More Likely to Achieve Their Goals

Presented by Virgin Atlantic

Modern technology allows us to work from anywhere, at any time, including in the air. And when we’re away from our desks, we have more time to connect with new people, pursue new leads, and think up our next big idea. As one of the most popular airlines for transatlantic travel, Virgin Atlantic launched a study to explore the effect this is having on business travelers. They asked their own flyers to share their perspectives, attitudes, and what drives them – in business, in travel, and in life.

Below are 5 reasons why frequent flyers could be more likely to achieve their goals, according to the Virgin Atlantic study.

  1. They Make Their Own Paths

The majority of flyers see business travel as an opportunity for new life experiences. 65% of flyers extend their business trip to explore a new place, with 53% preferring to wing it instead of planning an itinerary. Exploring something new lets them gain a different perspective of the world around them, and helps them be more innovative in their fields.

  1. They Value Time Well Spent

Business travelers know how to take advantage of time to rest, relax, and recharge. Whilst some use flight time to catch up on work, others prefer to check out the inflight entertainment (57%), grab a drink from the bar (14%), relax with a book (13%), and catching up on their sleep (11%). Allowing themselves to unwind during the journey lets them be fresh and sharp for the challenges ahead.

  1. They Find Inspiration in the Clouds

A change of scenery can boost creativity. In fact, one in four frequent flyers claims that they get their best ideas when travelling. That’s over 300,000 brilliant ideas born in-flight each day.

  1. They Never Stop Networking

Always being on the go gives flyers opportunities to meet and mingle with more people. It’s no surprise that one in five people surveyed has done business with someone they met on a plane. That’s a lot of new leads!

  1. They Love What They Do

Richard Branson said it perfectly, “Work isn’t work and play isn’t play, it’s all just living”. Three in five travelers said they have the best job in world, showing these flyers live by this credo. To stay sharp and inspired in their fields, they weave passion points into their daily routines. One in three performs a good deed every day, while 44% of these professionals engage in a creative activity.

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