5 Tips for Getting a Deal at Pottery Barn

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Now that the warmer weather is here, you’re probably looking for ways to brighten up your home and get rid of that drab winter look. If you’re anything like Friends’ Phoebe, and balk at the idea of shopping at Pottery Barn, you might be surprised to know that it’s possible to get a great deal there. You don’t have to go broke when picking up a few household goods. With careful planning you can grab fabulous items without paying full price.

The Cheat Sheet asked Deal News Coupon Editor Sarah Jones for a few shopping tips. Jones notes that there are certain times of the year and days of the week that will yield the most success. Here are some of her suggestions.

1. Shop on Mondays

Your best bet is to shop at the beginning of the week, when Pottery Barn is most likely to offer discounts. That’s good news because you can spend time over the weekend planning your purchases in advance.  Since you’ll know that discounts are offered at the beginning of the week, this will prevent the possibility of making a purchase at the end of the week, and then seeing the same item on sale on Monday.

“Keep in mind that codes are usually released on Mondays and are valid for one day only, so Monday might be a good day to do online shopping there,” says Jones.

2. Sign up for both the email list and catalog

Pottery Barn doesn’t hand out coupon codes that frequently, but when they do, you can use them toward most purchases. Start by signing up for Pottery Barn’s mailing list.

“You’ll get 10% off just for signing up, and they occasionally send subscriber-only codes for 20% off sitewide, or for specific categories. This code is unique to the individual subscriber, so you won’t find them on coupon websites. Additionally, while not everyone loves catalogs, Pottery Barn definitely sends promotions by snail mail on a regular basis,” says Jones.

3. Visit coupon code websites

Sites like Coupon Sherpa, DealNews, RetailMeNot, and Coupon Cabin are also good places to look for discount codes. In addition, you can request alerts for specific retailers on these sites. This way, you won’t have to spend your afternoon scouring individual retail websites for codes or looking for emails from several different stores.

“In general, Pottery Barn tends to offer anywhere from one to six codes per month that anyone can use. Free shipping is the most frequent promotion they offer, and there’s usually no minimum purchase required so you can get even small, inexpensive items shipped at no extra cost,” says Jones.

4. Save on furniture by visiting the store

Jones says it’s best to make furniture purchases in store since discounts are usually not given when you buy furniture online. So if you’ve had your heart set on a new sofa or love seat, you might want to save on shipping costs and go directly to Pottery Barn.

“Not surprisingly, furniture is usually excluded from the shipping promo, so if you want to save on delivery costs, customers should expect to visit the store for larger items. These shipping codes are offered one to three times per month so if, at any given moment, there’s an item you’re considering, you might have to wait only a few weeks for a shipping code. That’s great news for moderately discounted items, but clearance-level items might not be available by the time you get a code,” says Jones.

5. Shop by season

You won’t always need a coupon code to get a discount. Like many other retailers, Pottery Barn also advertises seasonal sales. Mark your calendar in advance so that you can prepare your shopping list with this in mind.

Says Jones, “In terms of general sales that don’t entail a coupon code, it’s best to follow the seasons. While not everything in store is seasonal, a good portion of their wares cater to holidays and changing climates, so the store naturally will offer sales to clear out those items once the corresponding time has passed. The general rule of thumb is to wait about two months after an item has been added to the inventory to see a moderate discount. For clearance-level pricing, you’ll have to wait until the holiday has passed, or the season is transitioning out.”

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