5 Unusual and Interesting Job Perks

One of the main perks of working full-time is that you can usually expect to receive at least some health insurance assistance at most companies. Many people factor in health insurance, as well as other job perks like vacation days, when they are debating a job offer. Having health insurance can save you hundreds of dollars or more each year, and having extra vacation days can also be a huge perk.

However, some companies offer more unexpected job perks than others, and these perks might have as much of a literal financial worth as health insurance or a higher salary. Some of them provide a big financial jump, and others provide assistance or a perk in a different way. Companies that can offer unique perks can at least make you stop and think twice about an offer. Here are five unusual and interesting job perks that some companies offer.

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Gym memberships and health incentives

Some companies include a free gym membership for their employees. For an employee who might not regularly go to the gym and doesn’t want to invest money that might go to waste every month, this can be a great incentive. This is also effective for employees who do go to the gym regularly, because although they might spend the money to have a gym membership anyway, with this added perk, they don’t even need to think about the monthly cost.

Many companies offer discounts at particular gyms instead, but free memberships are quite the perk. According to Forbes, some companies are taking gym memberships a step forward by sponsoring particular classes and even creating online sharing spaces, organizing running clubs, and assisting employees with race fees in order to help employees stay fit.

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Extra vacation days

Of course you’ve heard of taking a vacation once you’ve made it past your probationary period at work and proved yourself. However, according to Slate, some companies are now throwing in paid vacation time before employees even start at their company. This is a huge perk for potential employees and can also help bosses by encouraging their future employees to relax and recharge before they jump into a new job. Other employers have actually stopped counting vacation days for their employees at all and offer unlimited vacation days instead.

Game rooms and other entertainment

According to Forbes’s list of the best employee perks, game rooms are very popular for many employees. These game rooms often include foosball or darts and arcade games; some innovative companies now even have climbing walls. This is a particularly interesting idea because it gives employees a chance to actually recharge and have fun during their break or lunch time, instead of simply sitting at their desk or reading a paper. People like to have fun, and these companies are definitely redefining a fun work environment.

Another popular perk that is also not as common is the fact that some employers provide opportunities to attend social activities for their employees. Depending on the company, this might mean that an employee gets to attend a movie premiere, concert, sporting event, or other activity for free or a reduced price. Universal Orlando offers free admission and reduced movie ticket prices, and similar companies offer similar perks.

Free food

Google has a reputation for being an out-of-the-box firm and an exciting place to work, and according to Salary.com, it also offers free food for lunch and dinner, as well as other incredible pluses. This is a hugely attractive perk for several reasons: packing a lunch or dinner takes time, and it costs money. Also, purchasing food usually costs even more, and requires that employers either choose from a limited selection in their building or travel outside of it. Free food perks, which are available at more companies than just Google, allow employees to save money, time, and also encourages them to stay in the building, which could boost efficiency.

However, according to Fox News, the IRS has been considering taxing free food, laundry, and other enticing job perks, which might alter or affect how you view these offerings.

Childcare perks

It’s becoming more common for companies to offer childcare onsite. Not only does this make it easier for employees to see their children more often, but it allows them to save time in the morning by only going to work, instead of dropping their kids off first. According to LC Staffing, offering childcare can improve employee morale, cause lower turnover rates, and boost attendance. Some childcare is very expensive, and many companies are now trying to offer low-cost childcare. A rare perk is that some companies are offering after-school care onsite, as well as kindergarten programs, such as Campbell Soup.

There are a number of other offbeat job perks, like interesting speakers, sports leagues, cleaning services, and more.

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