5 Ways Good Bosses Make Work Less Stressful for Employees

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It makes sense that as a boss you would want your employees to be happy. A pleasant workplace benefits everyone emotionally, but it can also lead to better results. A 2014 University of Warwick study from the United Kingdom found that happiness makes people more productive. The study found that the individuals whose happiness was addressed were 12% more productive. Increased productivity helps the company, and increased happiness helps worker morale. There are many ways that bosses can make work a better place, which can increase happiness and performance. Workers can benefit from rewards such as team lunches, but they can also benefit from having their opinion heard through various means. Team building can also be a great way to make work life more enjoyable. If you want to make work more enjoyable for your employees, here are five ways to start.

1. Provide food

Who doesn’t love food? We all do. People enjoy eating tasty food that they don’t have to pay for or make, and eating together has the added bonus of potentially helping your team to bond. There are many ways you can reward your team with food. Consider having catered lunches for important (or long) meetings. You also might be able to take your team out for lunch if you have a budget for that. Another fun idea is to order food or drink carts for particular occasions, such as an internal promotion, or a birthday. We all need to eat, and eating together promotes closer working relationships and can help boost energy as well.

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2. Get outside

Exercise is another mood and health booster. According to Australian research discussed in Men’s Health, walking outside can also help employees avoid crashing later in the afternoon. If you are able to get your team outside to do a walking meeting, you may be able to improve moods and energy levels, and also make work more enjoyable. People usually like being outside. If it’s winter and you can’t go outside, you can still hold walking meetings inside: just stretching legs and moving should improve the work atmosphere.

You can also consider taking this a step further and organizing a run or walk to support a charity outside of work. Many employees really enjoy working together for a cause. Any team building activities you can do will make work more awesome, regardless of whether they are actually done in the office.

3. Allow telecommuting

Perhaps you have employees who could work entirely from home. This can save money for the company, and make life easier for your employees. Even if you can’t allow your employees to work outside of the office full-time, you can make their jobs better by allowing them to work from home sometimes. This can be particularly helpful for employees with families, people who travel a lot, or workers who live in areas where the weather gets bad. Being open to employees working from home (as long as they stay responsible about it) can help make work better because employees will appreciate your flexibility.

According to 1 Million for Work Flexibility, telecommuting can benefit employees and employers because it increases productivity, reduces turnover, improves morale, and is eco-friendly and cost effective.

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4. Be open to suggestions

It’s difficult for almost any employee to come to their boss with suggestions. By being approachable, you will really improve the environment in which your employees work. Knowing that they can come to you when they have a problem, or if they think things could be done in a different way, will encourage your employees to be open with you. If you (or they) are uncomfortable with direct communication, you can implement a suggestion box. Obviously, this will only work if your employees take it seriously and use it in a respectful manner, but it can be a great way to open communication in a safe way.

According to Business Insider, communication is key if you want to be a good boss. Being open to suggestions and taking criticism will make work a better place for everyone.

5. Get things done

You can be a fun boss, but still be unpopular. This is because your job as a boss is to get work done. You need to delegate work and oversee it, but you also need to do the work yourself. In addition, it’s important to keep your word. If you regularly tell your employees that you will oversee a product or set up an important meeting and then you don’t, your employees will start to resent you. Regularly meeting with your employees when you say you will, keeping people accountable, and getting work done, will all help you become an awesome boss.

Great bosses are open and easy to communicate with, responsible, and hard working. If you can be all these things and throw in some fun as well, you will be an awesome boss and work will be a much better place for your employees.

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