6 Personal Finance Books to Add to Your Summer Reading List

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The Cheat Sheet also asked top financial experts to share some of their favorite personal finance books. Paul Vachon, founder of The Frugal Toad, and budgeting guru Tiffany “The Budgetnista” Aliche gave us these picks.

4. The Automatic Millionaire

“This book should be on everyone’s summer reading list for the simple fact that David Bach shows you step-by-step how ridiculously easy it is to automate your finances and build real wealth,” said Vachon.

Favorite quote: “The quote that stands out for me is ‘most of us work barely 22 minutes a day for ourselves.’ That is alarming and is at the heart of why Americans are not saving enough for retirement. In fact, 1 in 5 of us don’t save anything.  Everyone should have a pay yourself first mindset!”

5. Smart Couples Finish Rich

“Money issues are the top reasons why many couples break up. This book can help you and your honey get on the same page. David Bach writes in a conversational tone that gives the reader encouragement as he guides you step-by-step on your financial journey towards wealth,” said Aliche.

Favorite quote: “My favorite quote from this book is, ‘When two people work together to accomplish a goal, they can usually achieve it twice as fast as either of them would have working alone.’ This resonated with me because I believe collaboration is the best way to achieve a goal. In a relationship, collaboration is essential to your joint success. In my own relationship, I’ve seen just how quickly working together can expedite goals.”

6. The Richest Man in Babylon

“This oldie but goodie is one of my favorite financial books. The simple principles in this book by George Clason can transform the way you look at your money forever! Written as eight stories in parable form, this quick read will upgrade your money mindset,” said Aliche.

Favorite quote: “My favorite quote from this book is ‘where the determination is, the way can be found.’ This quote resonated with me because it’s a reminder that there is a solution to every financial problem. It encourages me and the reader to not give up.”

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