6 Things You Should Never Tell Human Resources

HR rep Toby from The Office

HR rep | NBC

Human resources managers can be great people to know. If your company has employee assistance programs, they’ll hook you up. If you need help filling out disability paperwork or you’d like to know more about your salary and benefits, they’re the people you want to befriend.

But HR reps have a unique position in the company. One of their main job roles is to support employees and help them through any rough spots, but they also are employed by the company first. In other words, they’ll want to help you out, but only if it’s for the good of the company where you’re employed.

“A good many HR pros go into this as a career path because they are passionate about helping people. But remember, the HR department’s job is to retain a highly-skilled and productive workforce. Anything that demonstrates you are not going to live up to this goal, including anything you disclose that could potentially be harmful to the company, is subject to their discretionary action,” wrote Tess C. Taylor, a human resources expert at PayScale.

In most cases, you won’t (and shouldn’t) have a relationship with your HR rep that’s as filled with animosity as The Office’s Michael Scott and Toby Flenderson. But still, there are reasons you also can’t be best buddies. Here are six things you’re probably better off not mentioning.