8 Products for Seniors That Are a Complete Waste of Money

It seems like almost every day there’s a new product on the market for senior citizens. Some are great — and some are not. When you buy a product that works it’s a real score — and if you buy one that doesn’t, it’s a total fail. If you’re retired, you’re likely watching your money pretty closely, so keep reading to find eight products you definitely shouldn’t waste it on.

1. UroClub

 Uro Club Golf Club

Uro Club Golf Club | Amazon

If you’ve ever played 18 holes and had the urge to urinate roundabout the fourth one — but there’s no restroom in sight — you know what a pain it can be. The UroClub is a product that looks like a golf club but has a reservoir built into the grip so you can relieve yourself in it. You just clip the privacy towel to your waistband or belt and let go.

Seniors, don’t buy this absurd product. Even if it does work, everyone will know what you’re doing. Instead, use the opportunity to walk to a bathroom and count it as just some more exercise.

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2. Ionic foot spa

OILEUS Professional Ionic Foot Bath

OILEUS Professional Ionic Foot Bath | Amazon

You’ve likely seen an ad for ionic foot spas on TV. Supposedly, they pull toxins out of your body through your feet. In the ads you see a lot of gross stuff leftover in the spa afterwards, so you probably think it’s doing something, right?

According to Ranker, there are lots of reasons to be skeptical, even though there’s no proof they don’t work. Andrew Barron, chairman of chemistry and professor of materials science at Rice University, found that the spa water “didn’t show any traces of heavy metals or industrial chemicals other than a few chunks of rust that may have flaked off the electrodes.” Stay away from this money trap.

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3. Magnet therapy

 Deep Magnetic Therapy Spot Magnet Kit for Pain Relief

Deep Magnetic Therapy Spot Magnet Kit for Pain Relief | Amazon

Magnet therapy supposedly relieves pain by increasing blood flow through tissues. You can buy magnetic bracelets, rings, shoe inserts, mattresses, and more.

But according to EMF Science, “Many well-conducted studies over the past three decades have shown that static magnetic devices offer no more or no less benefit than sham devices devoid of a magnet, in essence demonstrating the placebo effect magnets have on their users.” So, if you suffer from chronic pain, don’t bother with magnet therapy — stick with legitimate products instead.

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4. Hair hat

Hair hat

Flair Hair Sun Visor Cap | Amazon

If you’re balding and want some hair on top, try something other than the hair hat. Please, you’re seriously not fooling anyone. The “hair” looks like carpeting, and being bald is a far better alternative.

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5. Lipstick stencil

Lip Mouth Shaping Stencil Template

Lip Shaping Stencil Template | Amazon

The lipstick stencil is designed to make applying lipstick easier. But it looks like if you followed the outline of the oversized hole you’d be wearing a lipstick mustache. And … you would look like you just escaped from a mental asylum.

Don’t buy this silly product. If you have trouble getting your lipstick only on your lips, treat yourself to a lip pencil and outline your lips, then easily fill in the lines.

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6. Facial Flex


Facial-Flex | Amazon

Fact: As we age, our skin sags. The Facial Flex is designed to give you a natural facelift — all you need to do is put it in and flex the muscles around your mouth. Don’t buy this — you definitely won’t look 15 again and it simply doesn’t work.

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7. Air conditioned shoes

Hydro tech air conditioned shoes

Hydro-tech air conditioned shoes | Hydrotech

Hydro-Tech’s Air Conditioned Shoes are simply a pair of shoes with holes in them, according to the website Complex. It is not an upgraded shoe, and its “unique filter technology” consists of the holes. Don’t buy these — instead, wear some sandals if your feet get too hot.

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8. Multi-vitamins

pills and multivitamins

Multivitamins | Valentina_G/iStock/Getty Images

According to Healthline, Americans spend around $21 billion a year on vitamins and herbal supplements. And according to the website Cheapism, studies show that vitamins are pretty much useless for most people — and they aren’t uniformly regulated.

Instead of spending your money on these, try a diet that includes lots of fruits and vegetables, which will offer more healing power than vitamins.

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