3 Everyday Items Worth Splurging On

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With all the budgeting advice out there, it’s easy to forget that sometimes it’s not worth buying from the lowest bidder. Take cost-cutting measures where appropriate, of course, but also know when it’s worth spending more for a high-end product. Your personal scrimp-versus-splurge list will depend on your specific interests and lifestyle choices. After all, for someone who spends a lot of time cooking, good knives are certainly worth the investment. Fans of aromatherapy and home remedies can justify the high cost of essential oils. A top-quality tool set is a great investment for homeowners, but perhaps less so for renters.

Regardless of interests and hobbies, there are certain everyday products no one should be scrimping on. Even the most frugal shoppers know that paying more for superior quality will only mean good things for your health and overall well-being. Particularly when you will use an item frequently, a high price doesn’t mean you won’t be saving money in the long run. For example, a smart mattress-shopper will weigh the upfront cost with the product’s overall quality and lifespan. Here are eight items that warrant a high price tag in exchange for high quality.

1. Work bag

The bag that you tote around on a daily basis is worth a healthy investment. Whether you choose a backpack, messenger bag, or briefcase, it will take a toll on your body. The best you can do is attempt to reduce the amount of weight you have to carry and choose the style of bag you find most comfortable. It’s also wise to purchase a bag that will hold up for a while, so choose a sturdy material even if it costs more. The best-reviewed laptop messenger bag on ConsumerSearch.com is the light yet sturdy Rickshaw Bagworks Commuter 2.1. A more affordable, but still high-quality bag is the Timbuk2 Custom Classic Messenger Bag. Reviewers love this work bag for its comfort and custom styling.

If you travel by bicycle or motorcycle, a messenger bag likely won’t be the most practical choice. Backpacks don’t have a great track record for comfort, especially for long periods of use. But while walkers may elect for a choice that is better for the body, bikers are smart to go with a well-made laptop backpack. The Booq Boa Flow was rated the best laptop backpack by ConsumerSearch.com, with reviewers praising its style, calling the bag a perfect fit with motorcycle gear.

2. Bedding

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Chances are good that you spend at least seven hours per day in bed, so there’s no shame in splurging if it’s going to mean more comfort and a better night’s sleep. Pillows are one of the most important sleeping tools. Choose pillows that are well-suited to your typical sleeping position and replace them often if they lose their firmness. Some people even invest in memory foam pillows, insisting they help provide the best rest and neck support. According to Harvard Women’s Health Watch, chronic sleep loss can contribute to weight gain, high blood pressure, and even a decrease in the immune system’s power. Therefore, the very best pillow is whichever one helps you sleep.

According to ConsumerSearch.com, the best-reviewed synthetic memory-foam pillow is the Serta iComfort Contour Pillow, and the top choice for down pillows is the Pacific Coast Double DownAround Medium Pillow.

Sheets and pillowcases could be just as essential to your comfort. If you normally go for the cheapest set of sheets, consider trying a higher thread count and assess the difference. For some, high-quality flannel sheets can be a lifesaver in the winter, while others are strictly cotton sheet lovers. Again, what’s most important is that you sleep. If expensive sheets help make that happen, give yourself a pass on this one. Bed Bath & Beyond’s Palais Royale Sheets come highly rated, according to the Good Housekeeping Research Institute.

3. Workout attire

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To choose the right athletic shoe, you must take many factors into account, so try to forget about the price tag and focus on what your body needs, as well as longevity. First, learn about your feet. For example, pronators have a low or flat arch, which causes the ankles to roll inward and puts stress on the knees, hips, and the whole body. Supinators, conversely, have extremely high arches. Make sure you purchase shoes with support tailored to your feet and the activities you’ll be doing while wearing them. Go to a high-end sportswear store so you can have your feet measured and discuss the shoe that is most appropriate. And remember, you spend a lot of time in the shoes your wear to work, so make sure they are good for your feet, as well.

ConsumerSearch.com reported excellent reviews for the Brooks Adrenaline GTS 13 as a quality running shoe that provides stability and fits most feet. The shoe is available in both men’s and women’s styles.

Exercise should be an important part of every day, and for women, a bad sports bra can make the difference between a workout being fun and relaxing or complete torture. You may not need the most expensive sports bra out there, but don’t just buy the cheapest option and call it a day. Never buy one without trying it on. Try a variety of styles and sizes, as the most comfortable size may not be what you expect. A sports bra that’s too tight can feel like it’s choking you, and one that’s too big just isn’t going to provide the necessary support. The Moving Comfort Fiona is ranked best sports bra overall by ConsumerSearch.com.

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