A Less Obvious Benefit of Solar Panels

While everyone knows that solar panels (NYSE:TAN) can lower your energy bills, new research has shown that they can also help directly reduce air-conditioning costs. Cooling costs are brought down because the panels prevent a certain amount of heat from entering a building.

The University of California at San Diego recently conducted a study to explore this phenomenon. Researchers found that beneath a solar panel, a building’s ceiling structure was five degrees cooler than for segments of the roof that were not insulated by the panel. The savings result in up to a 5% discount on the solar panel over the course of its lifetime.

But couldn’t frigid winters when people need more heat negate the cooling benefits of solar panels? Interestingly, while solar panels allow less heat to enter a building, they are very efficient when it comes to retaining heat. Therefore, the heat kept in offsets the heat left out (to an extent).

While there is still more research needed, these early findings offer yet another compelling incentive for companies and homeowners to look into solar energy (NYSE:TAN).