A Look At Unemployment Numbers Across The Nation

Today the U.S. Department of Labor released its June data on regional and state unemployment numbers. We’ll take a quick look at some of the most interesting data points from the report.

The report opens by indicating that the majority of the country saw unemployment numbers increase in the month of June. “Twenty-eight states and the District of Columbia registered unemployment rate increases, 8 states recorded rate decreases, and 14 states had no rate change. The national jobless rate was little changed at 9.2%, but was 0.3% percentage points lower than last year.” Texas, California, and Michigan were the three best states to find jobs in the month of June, reporting the three largest payroll increases of any U.S. states, with gains of (in that order) 32,000, 28,800, and 18,000 new non-farm jobs respectively. On a percentage wise basis, Alaska (1.7%), North Dakota (1.2%), and Vermont (0.9%) posted the largest gains in employment. The biggest payroll drops among individual states were in Tennessee (-16,900), Missouri (-15,700) and Virginia (-14,600). Percentage wise, the largest employment fall-offs were seen in Kansas, Missouri, and Tennessee, which each added 0.6% to their state employment mark.

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On a regional basis, the job market continues to suffer most in the West, which had a 10.2% unemployment rate in June. The best region for jobs is currently the northeast, with an unemployment rate of 8.1%.

Overall, Nevada leads individual states with the highest current unemployment rate (12.1%), trailed closely by California (11.8%). The states with the lowest current unemployment rates are North Dakota (3.2%), Nebraska (4.1%) and South Dakota (4.8%). 26 of the 50 states reported unemployment figures “significantly” under the national average of 9.2% in June, while nine states were “significantly” over the national number. The states showing the most improvement since June 2010 are Nevada, with unemployment down 2.5%, Michigan, down 2.1%, and Indiana, down 2%.