ACE Limited: Major Shareholders Cash Shares in Q3

Insiders are generally long-term investors due to restriction in making short-term profits. In contrast, wealth management institutions always have short-term investment. Wall St. Watchdog reveals information regarding the insiders and institutions which recently decreased stock shares of ACE Limited (NYSE:ACE).

SEC data indicate these insiders have sold ACE Limited’s stock since 06/30/2011:

  • Greenberg Evan G: act as Chairman & CEO(Click HERE for the list of stocks that their CEOs have bought). On 10/27/2011, sold 62,572 shares, worth $4,460,100.
  • Keogh John W: act as Vice Chairman, COO and*. On 08/03/2011, sold 18,160 shares, worth $1,210,500.

SEC data indicate that these institutions significantly reduced their stock shares of ACE Limited in Q3 2011:

  • ETON PARK CAPITAL MANAGEMENT, L.P.: On 06/30/2011, held 2,000,000 shares, worth $130,880,000. On 09/30/2011, held 0 shares.
  • ASCEND CAPITAL LLC: On 06/30/2011, held 775,000 shares, worth $50,716,000. On 09/30/2011, held 0 shares.
  • APG ALL PENSIONS GROUP NV: On 06/30/2011, held 667,353 shares, worth $43,671,580. On 09/30/2011, held 0 shares.
  • MIZUHO TRUST & BANKING CO., LTD.: On 06/30/2011, held 548,177 shares, worth $35,872,703. On 09/30/2011, held 0 shares.
  • EMPLOYEES RETIREMENT SYSTEM OF TEXAS: On 06/30/2011, held 172,100 shares, worth $11,262,224. On 09/30/2011, held 0 shares.

About the company: ACE Limited is the holding company for the ACE Group of Companies, a property and casualty insurance business. The Group provides a diversified range of products and services to clients through operations in countries around the world. ACE provides specialty insurance and reinsurance products.

Competitors to Watch: ACE Limited (NYSE:AEX), XL Group plc (NYSE:XL), Allied World Assurance Co Hldgs., AG. (NYSE:AWH), HCC Insurance Hldgs., Inc. (NYSE:HCC), Arch Capital Group Ltd. (NASDAQ:ACGL), American Intl. Group, Inc. (NYSE:AIG), American Financial Group (NYSE:AFG), Aspen Insurance Hldgs. Ltd. (NYSE:AHL).

(Note: Data regarding ACE Limited’s stock holdings are sourced from All data are assumed to be accurate.)

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