AGF Management Limited Earnings Call Nuggets: Share Repurchases and Costs Outlook

AGF Management Limited (AGF-B.TO) recently reported its second quarter earnings and discussed the following topics in its earnings conference call.

Share Repurchases

John Aiken – Barclays Capital: Just a quick question. Could you give us a little bit more color on the one-time other item of the $3.7 million and whether or not that actually was a cash inflow?

Robert (Bob) J. Bogart – EVP and CFO: It was a cash inflow. It was just a sale of certain investments we had on the balance sheet.

John Aiken – Barclays Capital: And then I don’t know Bob or Blake if you want to answer this, but in terms of the share repurchase program, when you talk about being selective, with the share price below the average on the repurchase that occurred in the second quarter, can we assume that that will mean that the program will continue through this and may even become a little more aggressive?

Blake C. Goldring – Chairman and CEO: You are correct in that John.

Costs Outlook

Scott Chan – Canaccord Genuity: Just on the SG&A how much – in terms of CRA related costs how much was that including the SG&A. Looks like it’s about $1 million if I kind of back out what the decrease was this year versus last year, was it around that? And going forward is there going to be continued related cost, regarding the CRA?

Robert (Bob) J. Bogart – EVP and CFO: We would expect them to decrease on a relative basis, just as we are in a point now where the process is going to take as I mentioned in my comments up to two years to play out. But lot of the heavy lifting with respect to our advisors has already occurred and we’ll expect to see some amounts but on a relative basis it will not be as large as this current quarter.

Scott Chan – Canaccord Genuity: I just want to confirm the NCIB to-date. I thought you bought back 1.5 million in April and then you bought some in May. Or is it the 1.5 million that you guys stated in your quarterly MD&A report?

Robert (Bob) J. Bogart – EVP and CFO: That would be the 1.5 million shares would be through May 31, Scott.

Scott Chan – Canaccord Genuity: Have you bought back shares after that. Actually probably not because of the blackout period?

Robert (Bob) J. Bogart – EVP and CFO: We have a program in place where we are actually able to under certain I guess constraints that we provide to our broker of record where they we would repurchase shares on our behalf.