All Verizon Phones Will Soon Be 4G LTEs

Good news for Verizon (NYSE:VZ) customers: soon almost every smartphone will be 4G LTEs. This will also include almost every wireless hot spot, tablet and Netbook offered by the wireless company. And the list encompasses Windows Phone and BlackBerry devices.

Verizon will have one excepton to this. The company’s “push-to-talk” network is currently 3G and will stay that way for now. The company’s 4G stand is “a hard requirement,” says the company and it could put a perspective on why they only have one Windows Phone.

But it won’t always remain this way. According to CNET, Keith Lampron, Verizon’s associate director of device marketing, says the company in the future will support Windows Phone. After spending time at this week’s Consumer Electronics Show, hot new phones such as the HTC Titan II and Nokia (NYSE:NOK) Lumia 900 could provoke Verizon to offer some of these.

LTE Leader

Verizon has found great success with LTE, surpassing the competition by buying up spectrum, releasing high-quality handsets and quickly rolling out its network, according to CNET.

Lampron said the company will stay on track and finish its LTE infrastructure by 2013. If  there’s currently a EV-DO network, look for 4G to be there soon. With LTE, Verizon covers 190 markets and 200 million people but it doesn’t represent the largest LTE network in the country.

Customers also aren’t ready to forget December’s three outages. Knowing it’s an issue, Lampron rolled with it and said, “We’re paving the way here for the rest of the world on LTE.”

Look for AT&T (NYSE:T) and Sprint (NYSE:S) to take it up a notch with their own LTE networks while Verizon faces stiffer competition in this arena.