A House in Mumbai and More Amazing Things You Didn’t Know You Could Buy for $1 Billion

Let’s face it: You don’t have billions of dollars like Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos. You’ll probably never have $1 billion to spend, let alone close to $100 billion. The number of billionaires keeps going up — 2,043 in 2017 according to Forbes, an increase of 233 — but chances are you aren’t one of them.

Of course, many of the world’s billionaires didn’t start out that way. Playing the lottery smartly could help get you to $1 billion. So could inventing things everyone on Earth needs. What we’re saying is, becoming a billionaire isn’t totally out of the question, so feel free to dream about how you’d spend your money. One billion dollars is a lot of cash, and it’s hard to imagine how someone could spend it all in one lifetime. But we have a few ideas that could help a billionaire out. We’ll give you an idea of what $1 billion looks like, then give you some items you can put on your shopping list.

1. It takes up a lot of space


Better yet, ask for hundreds. | Chung Sung-Jun/Getty Images

Someone actually took the time to figure out what $1 billion looks like physically. Let’s say you have $1 billion in dollar bills. The stack would be nearly 68 miles high. If laid out flat, it would be four square miles. End-to-end, $1 billion in dollar bills would stretch 96,900 miles, nearly four times around the Earth’s equator. So if you win a $1 billion lottery prize, maybe ask for it in 20s.

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2. Eight F-35B jets fighters

F35 Fighter Jets flying in triangle formation

You never know when a fighter jet would come in handy. | Handout/South Korean Defense Ministry via Getty Images

  • What they cost: $122.8 million

The Air Force, Marine Corps, and Navy all have orders in for the F-35 fighters made by Lockheed Martin. With $1 billion, you could by eight of the F-35B jets being made for the Marines. They cost more than the two other versions, but they can take off and land vertically. We’d say the extra bit of money is worth it.

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3. Two Airbus A380-900 airliners

Emirates Airbus A380-800 taxiing at LAX Airport

Pick yourself up a pair of planes. | iStock.com/Laser1987

  • What they cost: $432.6 million

With $1 billion in cash, you could buy two of Airbus’ finest airplanes. As of early 2016, the base price of an A380-900 is $432.6 million, but that’s just the base model. Depending on which engines you want or the level of customization, you could end up paying more. We say it would be worth a little bit more to have your monogram on the headrests and your picture on the side of the plane.

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4. The Buffalo Bills

Buy yourself part of a football team. | Brett Carlsen/Getty Images

  • What they cost: $1.6 billion

NFL teams aren’t like cars. You can’t just go shopping, write a check, and buy one. A team has to be for sale first. You’d need a partner, but if you had $1 billion you could buy a majority stake in the league’s least valuable team. Forbes values the Buffalo Bills at $1.6 billion. However, if you can nab the team it would be a solid investment. The Bills’ value rose 7% in 2017. Hope you like cold weather and long winters.

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5. 900,900 shares of Amazon

Amazon packages

Amazon is doing pretty well for itself these days. | jahcottontail143/iStock/Getty Images

  • What they cost: $1,110 per share

With $1 billion in your hand, why not spend the money and still let it work for you? With that much cash, you would be able to afford more than 900,000 shares of Amazon stock. Over the last six months of 2017, it traded at an average of $1,110 per share on Nasdaq. You wouldn’t have much cash left over, but if you needed an infusion you know what you could do? Sell some Amazon stock.

Next: Buy a nice little government job which you may have heard of.

6. One presidency

President Trump Participates In The Celebrate Freedom Rally At The Kennedy Center

You’d only need a fraction of it anyways. | Olivier Douliery-Pool/Getty Images

  • What it costs: $322 million

Donald Trump spent $322 million during his presidential campaign, according to Fortune. It’s estimated he went to the ATM and used $66 million from his own accounts to finance his presidential run. It’s a lot of money, to be sure, but less than the $565 million Hillary Clinton spent. When you consider he could end up $727 million richer from his own tax plan, you might say it was money well spent.

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7. Five trips to space

Space X’s Falcon 9 rocket lifts off

Enjoy a casual jaunt around the moon. | Bruce Weaver/AFP/Getty Images

  • What they cost: $175 million per trip

Elon Musk’s SpaceX can take you to the International Space Station for an estimated $58 million. That’s so pedestrian. If you’re a billionaire, you need to go to space in style. To do that, you need to call on SpaceX again. The company plans on selling lunar trips that orbit the moon for $175 million a pop, according to The Verge.

Next: Let’s return the world of sports.

8. The Colorado Rockies

You could own the whole team. | Matthew Stockman/Getty Images

  • What they cost: $1 billion

As we saw with item No. 4 on our list, with $1 billion you could only be a majority owner of an NFL team. In the world of baseball, you can own the team outright. Many of the teams in the league are worth more than $1 billion, but the website Statista estimates the Colorado Rockies are worth exactly $1 billion.

Next: You can buy one dead shark and have plenty left over.

9. Dead shark art installation

Dead Shark suspended in glass box

Picasso is so basic in the world of billionaires. | Agent001/Wikimedia Commons

  • What it costs: $12 million

With $1 billion, you would be able to afford one of the most unique pieces of art ever. It’s called “The Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind of Someone Living,” and the last time it sold it went for $12 million. It looks like a dead shark in a tank, but it’s art. Any billionaire can go out and spend money on a Picasso. Dead tiger sharks preserved whole in formaldehyde are much harder to come by.

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10. Atilia Mumbai

A 27 story building featuring odd walls

At least it comes with two helipads and 400,000 square feet. | Indranil Mukherjee/AFP/Getty Images

  • What it costs: $1 billion

Say what you will about this house, but it’s definitely unique. Atilia Mumbai is a high-rise home that looks like no other. Built by Indian billionaire Mukesh Ambani, it’s a 27-story tower with a unique look. It’s not on the market, but it’s estimated value is $1 billion.

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11. Tottenham Hotspur

Tottenham Hotspur players touching hands

Europeans do love their football. | Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images

  • What it costs: $1.06 billion

We’ve already discussed how you could buy a baseball team or part of a football team. As a newly-minted billionaire, you could own a European football team. With $1 billion, you’d want to set your sights on England’s Tottenham Hotspur. The team is competitive year in and year out, and at $1.06 billion it’s within reach.

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12. 11 exotic supercars

Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport

You could have some rides worthy of a billionaire. | Bugatti

  • What they cost: $46.3 million

With $1 billion in the bank, you could get your hands on 11 of the world’s finest, fastest exotic sports cars. Three Koenigseggs, two Ferraris, and two Bugattis are among the 10 cars that would set you back $30.7 million. But the true exclusive supercar of the bunch is the McLaren F1, which recently sold at auction for $15.6 million and is no longer in production. That’s a true rare piece of equipment that screams billionaire.

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13. The Washington Wizards

You’ll be in an exclusive group of team owners. | Rob Carr/Getty Images

  • What they cost: $1 billion

Like with the football, baseball, and soccer teams we saw previously on the list, buying an NBA team will take all of your billion-dollar fortune. The Washington Wizards are currently valued at $1 billion. You won’t have any money left over, but you’ll be one of just 30 people who can say they own a professional basketball team. When you look at it like that, it shouldn’t be too hard to convince yourself it’s worth the price.

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14. Al Marjan Island

Aerial view of the curving Al Marjan Islands

You have to own your own private island. | Wikimedia Commons

  • What it costs: $462 million

As a billionaire, you’re almost required to own a private island. So when you come into your fortune, make sure you bookmark Private Islands on your browser. At one point, Al Marjan Island in the United Arab Emirates was selling for $462 million. At that price, you can buy the island and the Airbus A380 we talked about in item No. 3, and still have enough left over to live very, very well.

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15. The Chicago Blackhawks

They probably wouldn’t sell, but you could make them an offer. | Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

  •  What they cost: $1 billion

We visit the last of the four major American sports leagues for our last item on the billionaire’s shopping list. Forbes values the Chicago Blackhawks at $1 billion even. Considering the team has been family owned since 1954, it probably won’t be on the market anytime soon. You might have to set your sights on the Boston Bruins. With an estimated worth of $890, you can afford to overbid with your $1 billion fortune to secure the team.

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