How the Average American Will Benefit From Amazon and Walmart Attacking Each Other

There’s a battle brewing between Amazon and Walmart. The two largest retailers are continually vying for permanent space in both the retail sector and America’s heart. But the world of retail is in dire need of a rescue as personal shopping habits shift to online marketplaces and home-delivery services.

One store relies on convenience, while the other depends on price. But what happens when both stores push to combine the two? An all-out blood bath — one in which the prize is your devout customer loyalty.

The internet has been buzzing with recent announcements from both Amazon and Walmart, as each debuts new services that are perceived shots at its opponent. The good news? Consumers are the ones who stand to benefit most from the feud, regardless of which company emerges a winner. Let’s take a look at all the changes coming to the stores (or porches) near you.

1. Personal home delivery from Walmart associates

woman signing receipt of delivered package

Walmart debuted a new personal delivery service to compete with Amazon. |

Walmart employees will now personally deliver packages to your home. The initiative to save customers time and money allows associates to personally deliver packages already set for in-home delivery directly to your door. How? Employees can opt into the delivery service program that’ll have them deliver packages to areas already located on their normal route home. It just makes sense.

Employees earn extra cash, Walmart saves on logistical expenses, and customers get their packages sooner — often next day, according to a company announcement.

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