These 20 Companies Offer the Best Job Benefits and Perks in America

A woman stands behind her desk in excitement at the news of the job perks and benefits she was able to negotiate during her job offer

Job perks and benefits are one of the main factors that interviewees consider when offered a job |

Conducting a job search can be stressful, beginning with the application process and ending with the offer after multiple interviews. And it is during this final stage that the stress can impact your happiness and choices going forward. Besides salary negotiations, there are many more things to consider, such as commute time, office culture, and daily job responsibilities. Another factor that can make or break your final decision is the benefits package. Now that more companies are going above and beyond the basics and adding perks like unlimited vacation and on-site wellness centers, the stakes are higher than ever. Job seekers no longer have to settle when it comes to choosing the job that’s right for them.

If you’re tired of getting basic, cookie-cutter benefits, and you’re ready for a change, the researchers at Glassdoor are here to help. They recently came out with their annual list of Top 20 Employee Benefits and Perks for 2017 (their full methodology can be seen here), which is based on reviews straight from the employees of those companies. Glassdoor researchers found that roughly three in five (57%) workers said benefits and perks are among their top considerations when it comes to accepting a job.

If you’re looking for a fun, satisfying work experience, we have some excellent suggestions for you. Here are 20 companies that offer the best benefits and perks according to Glassdoor.

1. Whole Foods Market

A sign for a Whole Foods Market

Whole Foods Market offers employees an array of benefits, including a 20% discount on in-store merchandise | Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

One unique thing about Whole Foods Market is that the company lets employees have a say in what their benefits package includes. A companywide benefits vote is taken on a regular basis, during which employees can say which benefits are most important to them. Among these are low-cost individual insurance (between $0 and $20 per paycheck, depending on tenure) and personal wellness or health savings accounts. Store employees are also eligible for Gainsharing, which is a program through which workers can receive financial rewards. In addition, both full-time and part-time employees receive a 20% discount on in-store merchandise.

Overall benefits rating: 3.6

Jobs at Whole Foods Market

2. Gap

Gap employee Kim Nguyen helps a customer at a Gap store on February 20, 2014 in San Francisco, California

The Gap will match your 401(k) up to 4% | Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Gap employees receive a 401(k) match of up to 4% off an employee’s base pay. They can also invest in the company through the Employee Stock Purchase Plan. In addition, employees receive discounted access to doctors through video visits, as well as access to a network of health care providers. And apart from employee merchandise discounts, both full-time and part-time Gap employees receive discounts on travel and hotels, gyms, cell phone plans, and transportation from Zipcar and other rental car providers.

Overall benefits rating: 3.6

Jobs at Gap

3. Amazon

Amazon logo on computer screens

Amazon offers work from home options | Lean Neal/AFP/Getty Images)

One of Amazon’s top perks is that some positions can be performed remotely. Furthermore, Amazon offers company-paid short- and long-term disability, a 401(k) with a company match, as well as a health care and dependent care flexible spending account. Employees also receive dependent care referral services, financial and legal services, and child and elderly care assistance.

Overall benefits rating: 3.7

Jobs at Amazon

 4. Timberland

Timberland shoes

Timberland encourages their employees to volunteer | Imeh Akpanudosen/Getty Images

If volunteering is important to you, Timberland is a great place to work. Employees can take up to 40 hours off each year to dedicate to volunteer activities. The company also offers flexible work arrangements, on-site daycare and fitness centers, and dry cleaning services.

Overall benefits rating: 3.7

Jobs at Timberland

 5. American Express

Customer using a credit card in a store

If you’re thinking about having kids, you might want to consider working at American Express due to their generous parental leave and child care benefits | Source: iStock

American Express has one of the most generous parental leave policies among the top 20 companies. Both mothers and fathers can take up to five months of fully-paid parental leave. In addition, birth mothers are allowed to take an additional six to eight weeks of leave under salary continuation. Parents also receive access to a 24-hour lactation consultant. If you’re a new mom who is always on the go, they’ve got you covered. Mothers traveling for business have the ability to ship their breast milk home free of charge.

Furthermore, American Express offers employees access to an on-site gym, wellness centers, and even on-site counseling services. Other perks include an on-site café, flexible work hours, tuition and commuting reimbursements, and an array of deals and discounts.

Overall benefits rating: 4.0

Jobs at American Express

6. Reebok

People at the health club with personal trainer

If you work at Reebok, you can stay fit and lean year-round |

Healthy living is a top priority at Reebok. If you often find it difficult to squeeze gym time into your workday, you’ll have no excuse for not exercising when you work here. Reebok provides an on-site gym with CrossFit classes. The company also hosts Campus Fitness Days, which are company events where employees can engage in team-building activities such as running, hiking, yoga, and dancing. Reebok employees can also take advantage of discounts on merchandise. And commuting is a piece of cake. They provide an employee shuttle to the main campus, preferential carpool parking spaces, and charging stages for electric vehicles.

Overall benefits rating: 4.1

Jobs at Reebok

7. Goldman Sachs

People walking along Wall Street in New York, New York

At Goldman Sachs, your health comes first | Spencer Platt/Getty Images

The benefits at Goldman Sachs are truly golden, especially when it comes to one’s health. The company offers an array of unique benefits, including gender reassignment surgery. The New York, New Jersey, and Salt Lake City offices have on-site health centers complete with preventive and urgent care. The company goes one step further at the New York and New Jersey locations, though, where primary care, women’s health, orthopedics, dermatology, physical therapy, and even prescription drug delivery services are offered. What’s more, employees have access to back up childcare services as well as in-home providers to care for children and adult or elderly family members managing a mild illness. Goldman Sachs also offers a generous 16 weeks of fully paid maternity leave. To top it all off, depending on manager approval, the company is open to allowing part-time schedules, job sharing, telecommuting, and alternate work hours.

Overall benefits rating: 4.1

Jobs at Goldman Sachs

8. Scripps Health

women jogging

If you have pets, Scripps Health will pay for their insurance |

Scripps Health cares about the well-being of its employees — and their pets. The company offers pet health insurance for cats and dogs. In addition to benefits for your furry family members, Scripps Health also offers doctor on demand services, an employee wellness program, on-site medical care centers, on-site fitness classes and health club discounts, and free on-site massages. Financial health is also a top priority. Employees can take advantage of a group legal plan, identity theft protection, long-term disability insurance, life and accidental death insurance, and critical illness insurance. When it comes to saving for college, employees can breathe a sigh of relief with access to the ScholarShare College Savings Plan and savings bonds. But the help doesn’t end there in continuing one’s education. Employees also have access to scholarships, tuition reimbursement, academic and specialty training programs, and professional development and continuing education programs.

Overall benefits rating: 4.1

Jobs at Scripps Health

9. Deloitte

Business lady texting and using laptop

You’ll get 16 weeks of paid family leave at Deloitte |

Deloitte allows their employees two sabbatical options. One is an unpaid one month sabbatical that can be taken for any reason. The second is a three to six month leave that can be taken to pursue professional or personal growth opportunities. Employees who choose this option can receive 40% of their salary. Deloitte also offers up to 16 weeks of fully paid family leave so that employees can attend to a life event, such as caring for a family member or adopting a child. Those who have recently given birth to a child are eligible for up to six months of paid time off (including short-term disability). There is also emergency back up dependent care for both adults and children, adoption assistance, and discounted pet insurance. Deloitte also offers a defined benefit pension plan (employees are vested after just three years of service or after turning 62) and a 401(k).

Overall benefits rating: 4.1

Jobs at Deloitte

10. Starbucks

Sign outside of a Starbucks coffee shop on a rainy day

You’ll get free coffee or tea when you work at Starbucks | Karen Bleier/Getty Images

The coffee company takes education seriously. Starbucks employees are eligible for full tuition reimbursement if they enroll in an online bachelor’s degree program at Arizona State University. The children or spouse of a Starbucks employee, who is also a military service member or veteran, are also eligible for tuition benefits. Employees can also receive company stock options. In addition, Starbucks has recognition programs, career sabbaticals, and 30% in-store and online discounts. If you love coffee or tea, this is the place for you. Employees get one free pound of coffee, or a box of K-Cup Packs or tea a week.

Overall benefits rating: 4.3

Jobs at Starbucks

11. In-N-Out Burger

man relaxing and enjoying a burger

You’ll get a 15% discount when you work at In-N-Out Burger | Source: iStock

In-N-Out Burger employees can receive a free meal on work days and a 15% discount at the company store. There are also plenty of company-sponsored events, such as a Christmas party, picnic, and team sporting events. Flexible scheduling is another perk enjoyed by In-N-Out employees. What’s more, both full- and part-time employees are eligible for benefits such as a 401(k), vision, dental, paid vacation, and more.

Overall benefits rating: 4.3

Jobs at In-N-Out

12. Swiss Re Group

Business team working

At Swiss Re Group you can enjoy an on-site gym |

Employees at this company have the freedom to work flexible schedules, and can even work from the comfort of their own home. In addition, employees receive a pension and can take advantage of stock options. Swiss Re Group workers also enjoy an on-site gym, on-site healthcare, and discounted health club memberships. Similar to some of the other best companies on our list, Swiss Re offers a sabbatical, commuter benefits, and financial assistance for continuing education.

Overall benefits rating: 4.3

Jobs at Swiss Re

13. Genentech

Man works at his desk

You don’t have to wait for the employee benefits to kick-in at Genentech |

Genentech goes above and beyond to make their workers feel comfortable. The company has some unique benefits such as on-site car washes, haircuts, childcare, and even a mobile spa and dental services. What’s even better is that employees don’t have to wait to receive their perks. Most benefits become available immediately on the date of hire without any pre-existing condition exclusion. Employees are also eligible for bonus programs and other incentives.

Overall benefits rating: 4.3

Jobs at Genentech

14. IKEA

ikea employees

Want four months of paid parental leave? Then come work at IKEA | Stringer/AFP/Getty Images)

Do you have a baby on the way? Then you might want to add IKEA to your company wish list. Employees of the home furnishing store who have at least one year of experience at the company are eligible for up to four months of paid parental leave. What’s even better is that employees can enjoy this benefit whether they are part-time or full-time, regardless of whether they work for one of the stores or the corporate headquarters.

In addition to a 401(k), IKEA employees also receive retirement money under a plan called “Tack!” (the Swedish word for “thank you”). Workers also receive five weeks of vacation, tuition assistance, a co-worker discount, and a discount on meals.

Overall benefits rating: 4.4

Jobs at IKEA

15. Microsoft

Man working on laptop

At Microsoft, you’ll get 24-hour access to free physician calls |

Microsoft makes an effort to ensure their workforce stays healthy. One of their top benefits is access to physician house calls 24-hours a day (at the Seattle location). There is also a 24-hour health line as well as free on-campus health screenings and flu shots. Microsoft employees get $800 each year as part of the company’s Stay Fit reimbursement program. The money can be used toward the cost of gym membership fees and fitness programs. Employees in the Seattle area can also take one of Microsoft’s 55 Wi-Fi and power-enabled coaches or shuttles from their homes to the Microsoft campus, and back home again. Flexible hours, on-campus cafes and kitchens, and social clubs are just a few more perks enjoyed by Microsoft employees.

Overall benefits rating: 4.4

Jobs at Microsoft

16. USAA

Man talking on phone.

USAA will take care of your health |

Employees benefit from a 401(k) plan with an 8% match, in addition to an age-based contribution of up to 9% of total pay. There is also an education program that offers both full- and part-time employees tuition assistance of up to $10,000 a year. Employees also receive a 50% discount on healthy food items in USAA cafes and mini-marts, as part of the company’s “Take Care of Your Health” program. Furthermore, USAA workers receive a free annual health screening during the first quarter of each year.

Overall benefits rating: 4.4

Jobs at USAA

17. Southwest Airlines

A Southwest Airlines airplane

You’ll get free flights when you work for Southwest Airlines | Karen Bleier/AFP/Getty Images

Southwest employees have access to the company’s Clear Skies Employee Assistance Program, which offers confidential counseling and referral services to assist with issues such as stress, grief substance abuse, and other life struggles. In addition to basic medical, vision, dental, and life insurance benefits, Southwest workers receive health care and dependent care spending accounts, as well as adoption assistance reimbursement benefits. Employees also get free flights on Southwest Airlines, discounted flights with participating carriers, and discounts on hotels, theme parks, and rental car companies.

Overall benefits rating: 4.4

Jobs at Southwest

18. Eventbrite

Colleagues drinking after work

Wellness is a top priority at Eventbrite |

Eventbrite encourages employees to continue sharpening their skills. They do this through Eventbrite Thrive, which is a program run by their learning and development team in an effort to provide continuing education opportunities to the Eventbrite team. Employees receive one-on-one career coaching sessions and can attend workshops and talks with leaders in their industry. Yoga sessions, nutrition services, leadership classes, and team bonding activities are also offered.

Wellness is a top priority at Eventbrite. This is why there is no set number of vacation or sick days. The company believes one way to promote overall well-being is to allow their employees to take off as much time as they need each year. “Britelings” (the nickname Eventbrite gives employees) also receive 100% company-paid health coverage and a monthly $60 stipend for wellness-related expenses, in addition to many other perks.

Overall benefits rating: 4.6

Jobs at Eventbrite

19. Facebook

Facebook logo

Interns receive health insurance coverage at Facebook | Jonathan Nackstrand/Getty Images

Benefits at Facebook include medical second opinion services, a wellness allowance, free snacks, and transportation support. The company also offers support for family planning, which includes adoption and surrogacy assistance, and even money to help with costs associated with caring for a newborn. If you’re looking for an internship, a big perk is that health coverage and free housing are provided to interns.

Overall benefits rating: 4.7

Jobs at Facebook

20. Bain & Company

Woman working in the office on her laptop

If you love soccer, you’ll love working at Bain & Company |

Bain & Company certainly knows how to show team spirit. The company holds an annual three-day World Cup soccer tournament in a different city each year. Employees from all its global offices are invited to participate in the festivities. Furthermore, the company provides tuition assistance, family resource services, a pre-tax dependent care reimbursement account, and parking reimbursement. In addition to that, there is also an in-house dry cleaning service and discounts on health club memberships, local events, and movie tickets.

Overall benefits rating: 4.7

Jobs at Bain & Company

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