Americans Are Falling Out of Love with These Failing Retailers

Shoppers are very demanding. At least that’s what the latest ACSI consumer satisfaction report suggests. The American Customer Satisfaction Index analyzes customer ratings of the quality of products and services available in America’s most prominent retail stores. Intense online competition and a cutthroat approach for survival has many failing retailers struggling to regain loyalty among American consumers.

Reported satisfaction levels tend to correlate with annual earnings and overall success. People are in love with stores like Cabela’s, Costco, and Publix, but new data shows that feeling doesn’t extend to many others. Should a downward spiral persist, these low-scoring retailers may find themselves in a hole too deep to crawl out of. Some struggling retailers may come as a huge surprise (no. 2 and no.8), others have been circling the drain for a while now (no. 11 and no.14).


a wal-mart employee adjusts a sign ahead of Black Friday

Have you ever gotten a lower price than listed? Watch what that teaches your children. | Joe Raedle/Getty Images

  • A 1% drop and an overall satisfaction score of 71

Walmart saw a 1% decline overall in customer satisfaction among American customers. The discount retailer is considered by many to be Amazon’s primary competition, and they have been working hard on building their internet presence. Despite the increased focus on being a real online competitor and attempts to improve shipping capabilities, Walmart is still lagging in many aspects according to consumers.

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