Americans in These States Are Getting the Most Value for Their Tax Money

What do we deserve in return for paying taxes? Your return on investment varies according to where you live. Some states have bigger tax burdens; others get more federal funding.

WalletHub compared state and local taxes to the quality of services residents receive. The results showcase the best (and worst) places for taxpayers to live. The little New England state with the best ROI will shock you (page 10).

10. Wyoming

Entering Wyoming via Bear Tooth Pass
“Welcome to Wyoming” at 10,947 feet | Education Images/UIG via Getty Images
  • Total taxes paid per capita: No. 26 out of 50 states
  • Ranks highly: Infrastructure & Pollution (No. 3) and Safety (No. 10)

About 90% of U.S. adults don’t think the government uses tax revenue wisely, reports WalletHub’s Taxpayer Survey. However, some states, like Wyoming, get the better end of the deal. Wyomingites pay middle-of-the-road taxes, but receive the 10th best government services of all 50 states, with notably good ROI concerning infrastructure and pollution.

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