Analyst Likes Nokia’s Stock, Ford Motor Focuses on Sedan, HGSI Cuts Jobs

As the CES comes further into focus, Nokia’s big smartphone strategy will gain more criticism. Ford is also offering a big new product and HGSI has bad news for employees:

Nokia Corporation (NYSE:NOK) gets a wake up call as Credit Suisse analyst Kulbinder Garcha, raised the company from Underperform to Outperform. “Longer term, we believe that Nokia can command a 13% market share within smartphones driven by Windows Phone platform based on three key factors,” Garcha says. “First, we see sensible and aggressive pricing from the outset with initial Lumia devices priced between €180 to €300 to carriers. Second, we see decent support for Windows ecosystem as confirmed by our recent survey of carriers. Third, we believe that the quality of Windows platform is quite good, which, combined with Nokia’s brand, distribution, scale and [intellectual property] should enable it to capture smartphone share making it the third ecosystem behind Android and Apple.” Polling global carriers, 27 key execs global are “widely supportive” of Nokia and Windows Phone. “We found that 85 percent of carrier respondents believe that there is a need for a third ecosystem, with 77 percent noting that it will be Windows Phone/Nokia,” he writes. “Our survey also showed that both subsidy and volume share is expected to be markedly higher for Windows Phone over the next 12 months.”

Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F) hopes the redesign of its family sedan, Fusion, will bring growth to its sales among growing families.  Ford is attempting to regain leadership in mid-range market, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Human Genome Sciences (NASDAQ:HGSI) is cutting 150 jobs spread across research and development, administration, and manufacturing. The move is seen as a cost cutting measure to regain control over the company’s cash flow.

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