Analysts: Merck Shopping for Acquisitions to Repair Pipeline and 2 Other Dow Movers to Watch

Merck & Co. (NYSE:MRK): Current price $47.50

Analyst Alex Arfaei at the research firm BMO Capital has written in a note to investors that Allergan or Onyx might be acquisition targets by Merck, which would likely be responding to recent setbacks for its drug pipeline. What is more, Merck could be thinking about buying firms whose anticancer drugs complement its Lambro treatment, wrote Arafei, who added that Merck is evaluating Lambro as a treatment for several types of cancers, including non-small cell lung cancer, advanced melanoma, and hematological cancer.


The Boeing Co. (NYSE:BA): Current price $106.79

On Thursday, air accident investigators in the United Kingdom recommended that aviation authorities temporarily disable a Honeywell emergency transmitter on all Boeing 787 Dreamliners, after a plane caught fire last week at London Heathrow. Beyond that, the Air Accidents Investigation Branch suggested that the FAA and other regulators conduct a safety review of lithium-battery powered emergency locator transmitter systems used in other types of aircraft. In a Thursday report, the investigators said that the greatest damage to the parked Ethiopian Airlines Dreamliner occurred surrounding the aircraft’s Rescu406AFN emergency locator transmitter, or ELT, close to the tail section of the plane.


3M Co. (NYSE:MMM): Current price $115.40

3M and CMO COMPLIANCE have formed a new partnership, through which CMO will supply the software platform for the 3M Firestop Management System. The arrangement will provide users of the 3M Firestop Management System the benefits of CMO’s cloud-based mobile solution, with an intuitive interface and state-of-the-art configuration. The System is a web-based application that aids facility managers in controlling their operations, improving compliance performance, and facilitating the inspection process.


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