WHEW! Apple is NOT Liable for These Never-Ending Costs

A California District Court ruled this week that Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) cannot be held liable for smashed  iPhone screens, after one local man sued the company for breaching the phones warranty by charging for repairs.

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San Jose District Court Judge Edward Davila dismissed the case filed by Betsalel Williamson in early 2011, stating in his ruling that, “it is a well known fact of life that glass can break under impact.”

Williamson knocked his two-day old iPhone 4 off the arm of a chair, an accident, which in his opinion, should not have broken the “über-tough” glass screen that Apple advertises.  His case cited claims made by Apple’s industrial design chief Sir Jonathan Ive that the phone’s glass screen was “‘comparable in strength to sapphire crystal.”

The court however did not agree.

A “reasonable consumer” viewing a commercial showing the iPhone 4,” wrote Davilia in his verdict, “would not be misled to believe that the iPhone 4 could withstand any particular level of impact if the phone was dropped.”

Following the release of the iPhone in 2010, there was some worry about the durability of the devices glass panelling, and Apple may switch to a mostly metal back in its upcoming model.

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